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#52617 Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi

Posted by VarsityPuppet on Yesterday, 10:18 PM

Damn, another uninteresting and weak title. To be honest, I have higher hopes for the stand-alone movies than for the main trilogy at this point. Definitely excited for the former since Rogue One :D


Han Solo: A Star Wars Story


Yeah, sounds great :/


Let's rename it Gone in 12 Parsecs

#52594 Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi

Posted by VarsityPuppet on Yesterday, 07:00 PM

HK-47 voice:


Mocking Query: What would be the next ones title? "Star Wars Episode IX: Wait We Found Another Jedi"


Episode 9: Seriously Guys, This one is the Last Jedi

#52567 Will The Old Republic Era be Re-Canonized?

Posted by VarsityPuppet on Yesterday, 04:28 PM

I know all about star wars lore, i have been a fan for 20 years but just got to play the games recently because i was not a gamer until a few years ago, what i mean is that, even when kotor was canon, which was for more than 10 years, we never really got kotor 3, we got swtor which does not really mesh well with kotor 2, or is this interest on having kotor be canon again is for the hope of a remake?


The hope is for any sort of remake, KOTOR 3, any continuing elaboration on stories dealing with The Old Republic. Any of the gazillion wars they had back in the day, but probably mostly seeing our favorite characters come to life in theaters or on Netflix


Just anything


Slightly off-topic, but who would you guys want to see play Revan in a potential KotOR movie? My first pick would be Christian Bale.


I'm partial to Game of Thrones, so I'd pick Richard Madden as Revan (Robb Stark)

#52551 Will The Old Republic Era be Re-Canonized?

Posted by VarsityPuppet on Yesterday, 06:35 AM

This is mostly curiosity but why is it so important for some people that Kotor be made canon?, i mean TDKR is not canon in the batman universe but is still considered one of the best stories about him.

Unlike Batman in comics and movies which has multiple universes and storylines, Star Wars has only one recognized canonical timeline.

When Disney bought Star Wars, they made only the movies and TV shows canon, delegating the rest to "Legends" (not canon).

The importance of canon status of The Old Republic Era mainly lies in the fact that it is likely to receive increased attention in the form of hopefully, Movies, TV, Video Games, etc... It's a pretty beloved section of Star Wars lore.

#52549 Will The Old Republic Era be Re-Canonized?

Posted by VarsityPuppet on Yesterday, 05:18 AM

It's what we all want, and by now, we know most of the arguments for why it should be.

- Rakata Prime is canon
- Malachor is canon
- Revan was nearly included in The Clone Wars tv show
- Revan has a Black figurine, which apparently Black figures are typically only canon characters
- As of Star Wars Rebels last night, The Mandalorian Wars are canon

What else is there to come? Any other evidence that people have found?

#52517 Aayla Secura Mod?

Posted by VarsityPuppet on 22 January 2017 - 06:23 PM

Naw man, that'd be a lot of work


Must have been a lot of work

#52464 Download:New Legal Screens for KOTOR and TSL

Posted by VarsityPuppet on 21 January 2017 - 11:54 PM



File Name: New Legal Screens for KOTOR and TSL

File Submitter: VarsityPuppet

File Submitted: 21 Jan 2017

File Category: Media




- New Legal Screens for K1 and K2


This will change the Legal Screens that are shown when you start up the game. Just a way to mix it up a little.


- K1
-- Choose the variant from the folder you like, copy/paste Legal.bik into Movies


- K2
-- Choose the variant from the folder you like, copy/paste Legal.tga into Override


- K1
-- There is a backup folder with the original legal.bik (.mov if you're using mac)
- K2
-- Delete the file from override


- Due to the way I structured this mod, this should work with Concept Loading Screens and any loading screens added by TSLRCM or any expansion mods.


- Bioware
- Obsidian
- Fred Tetra + KOTOR Tool
- HK-47 from John Gallagher
- Mandalorian Wars from Darren Tan
- Atris vs. Sion - Concept Art Gallery at GameBanshee http://www.gamebansh.../conceptart.php
- Atris vs. Nihilus - Concept Art Gallery at GameBanshee http://www.gamebansh.../conceptart.php
- Peragus II by Trench
- Darth Sion Concept Art by Brian Menze
- Darth Revan - Corbin Hunter http://corbinhunter.deviantart.com/
- Darth Revan and Malak - Chris Trevas in Jedi vs. Sith: The Essential Guide to the Force
- Darth Revan and Malak Sith Ship - Bioware, Republic promotional material
- Revan, Bastila, Star Forge collage - Bastila by Corbin Hunter, Revan mask from Sith Foundry, Star Forge by Travis Wright
- Ebon Hawk: Veltzu - Render from Foundation 3D http://www.foundatio...ead.php?t=12923


Click here to download this file

#52430 Hi all

Posted by VarsityPuppet on 21 January 2017 - 05:51 AM

Well thank you for the warm welcome and the cookies! Nice to see many familiar people and that the community is still alive! For an old single player game with no mod support Kotor seems to be aging well (not as well as Jae's "permanently 29" status but almost).

I am surprised to see that my very old geocities site is still up lol...that was more than a decade ago!

I am a bit rusty when it comes to Kotor Modding but hopefully i will find time to catch up soon (and hopefully fix a few things bothering me in my old mods). First things first though: game has been reinstalled on my travel laptop :D

Whoa, a legend returns!

#52311 TSLRCM Credits Discussion

Posted by VarsityPuppet on 17 January 2017 - 09:25 PM

So in order to make the game feel more modern, we should include a post credit scene? :P


Yes, where we are all recruited into the Avengers by Nick Fury




Better idea, we have a shadowy figure walk forward and he says 


"Fine, I'll do it myself"


Plug for Kotor: Revenge of Revan

#52304 TSLRCM Credits Discussion

Posted by VarsityPuppet on 17 January 2017 - 04:14 PM

....I always read credits


Maybe if they were more interesting, like action, romance, explosions and dank memes





In all seriousness, I think doing something similar to The DeadlyStream mod would be a better execution of credits.


- Zbyl can be collapsed and dead on the floor, and when you talk to him he says "Can't.... move... so.... tired"


- Hassat Hunter can be fighting laigreks (get it, cuz he's fighting bugs)


- I can be an HK unit and say "I got to do the easy part!"


- Sith Holocron can be a sith holocron and say something like "I like being a droid better"



You get the idea

#52269 That One Time Vader and Boba Fett Were in That Rock Band

Posted by VarsityPuppet on 16 January 2017 - 10:27 PM

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#52146 I have a cool mod idea but some might say it's not possible.

Posted by VarsityPuppet on 14 January 2017 - 08:29 PM

Toilets cannot exist without the further idea of a bathroom. This means that to wash herself, Bastila had to swim naked in the Manaan sea. I was watching this Giant Friendly Goldfish then. Damn.

Kids, when you go swim in the Manaan sea, remember to look at after your sexy female Jedi friends.


Uh... you okay, man?

#51973 Tatooine and the Ebon Hawk - Same Music

Posted by VarsityPuppet on 11 January 2017 - 04:47 PM

I tested the TOR Tatooine track in-game last night, and it worked great. Captures the menacing theme of Anchorhead perfectly.  


Makes me want to replace other tracks with their TOR counterparts to give the games a new feel......For private use of course  :nuke:


Do share! I'd be interested in trying it out! I quite love the TOR soundtrack, especially the Coruscant theme. Makes me want a Coruscant mod...


By "share" I mean the list of tracks you switched.

#51924 Tatooine and the Ebon Hawk - Same Music

Posted by VarsityPuppet on 10 January 2017 - 09:19 PM

On the other hand, what if we went the other direction, and allowed that theme to remain the Tatooine theme, and found a different Ebon Hawk one?

#51866 New Legal Screens!

Posted by VarsityPuppet on 09 January 2017 - 03:38 PM

I rather like the old one.  However, I think tinting the Bioware logo to blue would better match the menu screens for KotOR1.
Even more importantly, fix the following spelling issues.

Update: Already sent VP the text as it appears on the screens for KOTOR and for TSL. (Different info is on each screen.)

I uh.. just put those there to make sure you were paying attention. Good job