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In Topic: A giant Rancor on the Unknown World

Yesterday, 06:28 PM

There is a random Selkath on the cover so I don't think they worried too much about what was actually in the game, just making it look cool.

Cut Selkath party member confirmed

In Topic: [K1 & TSL] Fix Ebon Hawk shader and UVW issues

Yesterday, 05:25 PM


- Holes by the cockpit controls

-- Probably a Hex edit fix

- Holes in the panels

-- The problem with this is that they aren't actually holes... There is supposed to be animated meshes there that fill those spaces. I haven't figured out which versions this actually works for, but I know that this is definitely the case



- Black panels

-- I've concluded this is a no lightmap issue. I inspected the data around that mesh and it has no lightmap uvw coordinates. I think the only solution we have for this is to recompile that whole model and make sure everything has a lightmap assigned to it

- Hole in Kreia's room

-- I've fixed this already, the file is floating around somewhere, I can upload it

In Topic: [K1 & TSL] Fix Ebon Hawk shader and UVW issues

Yesterday, 04:20 AM

Those look more like geometry issues rather than UV issues. Missing and/or inverted polys, Z fighting, etc.

The black floor panels I'm almost certain is a missing lightmap issue, which you could argue is a UVW issue... maybe

In Topic: TSL Textures Remastered

Yesterday, 12:51 AM

Ah very good!

In Topic: TSL Textures Remastered

Yesterday, 12:04 AM

How many Ebon Hawk models are there in the game?

I assume you mean the Interiors,


001EBO1-001EBO18 (Prologue)
002EBO and 002EBO2 (Not sure)
003EBOb-003EBOq (Ship used for most of the game)

For reference, 003EBOF has the mesh that clips through 003EBOp (the cockpit area)