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In Topic: Using Dexterity for Critical Strike

Yesterday, 02:29 PM

Feats, for the most part, are hardcoded, with a few exceptions.


Feats that grant proficiency can be configured (that's pretty much it, though)

In Topic: Using Dexterity for Critical Strike

Yesterday, 11:35 AM

I don't think that is possible

In Topic: MDLOps

20 March 2017 - 07:49 PM

What does work works great. Smoothing on individual mesh elements is fine. No more ugly seams on arms and legs and such. But it won't do smoothing between different meshes or mesh elements - essentially, across seams in the UVW map.


It's only a problem depending on what model you're working on. Many of the armors are fine. Where their meshes meet, there isn't supposed to be smoothing, because there's armor or whatever in between the joints. The underwear models are particularly problematic, though, because they're meant to be smooth all over.


The issue also crops up on models that have... the nice word would be questionable, questionable UVW mapping. The Jal Shey armor and the Twin Sun models, for example, have faces on the UVW map that are isolated for seemingly no reason, on the pants. The original models get away with it thanks to the smoothing, but MDLOps loses that.


It should at the very least have been smoothing between elements that are in the same mesh.


Ah well, as long as a fix is in the works

In Topic: MDLOps

20 March 2017 - 02:07 PM

There are posts about the issue in 0.7a2 back at the end of January 2016, so news of it isn't new.

I vaguely remember that... seemed to work fine for things I've been using it for so idk

I also had a program that smoothed all of the normals in the .mdx file bur I trashed it awhile ago... guess I should have held onto it.

In Topic: MDLOps

20 March 2017 - 11:12 AM

Is vertex smoothing not working in mdlops7? That was like the main thing it was supposed to implement