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Improved Civilians Only

12 January 2018 - 01:07 AM

We've got a couple of mods for Kotor that edit the commoners, such as the NPC Overhaul mod or SpaceAlex's Kotor Enhancement mod, but the one thing these mods all have in common is that they edit several other aspects of the game. 


What I'm asking for is basically a watered down version of these mods, something that edits only the low poly citizens. so that their low polygon models are changed to their high-poly equivalents and still have diversity in their clothing textures. I feel like this diversity in clothing would only be appropriate for places like Taris and Manaan. On Tatooine and Korriban, I think it would be better for people there to wear the standard light brown/pale outfit since they're probably not as wealthy if they're on those planets (The civilians on Korriban were mainly merchants and spacers/traders, and Tatooine... It's Tatooine). These changes could also be applied to the low-poly Sith on Korriban, like the guards, students and archaeologists diggers.


This mod would not only be convenient for people who want to play a slightly less ugly version of the base game, but it'd also be useful for modders who don't want compatability issues with large NPC modification mods.


I could have sworn we already had a mod like this, but I cannot find one.