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#62926 Download:KotOR 1 Restoration

Posted by Mephiles550 on 14 February 2018 - 04:27 AM

If, and only if for some reason, another new version will be released, would you consider incorporating this mod into it?



I'm still surprised that I just now heard this. It's completely fits the bill to be considered restored content.

#62704 Ranger Solo: Anticipation Topic

Posted by Mephiles550 on 06 February 2018 - 05:39 PM

The movie looks good, but that Han actor doesn't do it for me at all.

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#61941 The Mod to End All Mods

Posted by Mephiles550 on 05 January 2018 - 04:13 PM

The Porgs should have just been Gizka in the first place.

#60331 Dark Empire Armor, Kol Skywalker Lightsaber... and more!

Posted by Mephiles550 on 02 November 2017 - 12:37 AM

I should note that the most advanced modding I can do is using KSE or porting basic models from Kotor 1 to Kotor 2, so my ability to create any of these ideas is sadly out of the question... :(

I'm just an amateur and an enthusiast!

Considering that even experienced modders can have a real pain in doing that, I wouldn't put yourself that low. MDLops can really suck sometimes.

#60164 What's Restored In K1R

Posted by Mephiles550 on 30 October 2017 - 02:52 AM

Well you need Canderous to get you in with Davik, technically. Without that you have no real connection to a ship that is fast enough.

But that's the point, with the codes, a fast ship would have been unnecessary. Any ship would have done. Just put in the codes and you're good to go.


Regardless, there's nothing wrong with getting the codes before being on Canderous' side. Ships weren't readily available on Taris, remember? "They impounded all of my ships and swoop-bikes" is what the Upper City merchant said. Ships were likely a valuable commodity few could get in the first place. Where'd you get one in the Upper City let alone lower? Needing to progress in the story to get the Ebon Hawk at some point still works. 


The only question is, are there cut Canderous lines that discuss how you already broke into the base prior to him introducing his plan to become partners? It'd be weird for him to immediately suggest that they break into Davik's without having formed any sort of alliance prior.

#59812 EA shuts down Visceral. Their Star Wars game to be revamped.

Posted by Mephiles550 on 18 October 2017 - 11:12 PM

Lol, the EA blackhole continues to suck good companies away into the void. Not even Nihilus could consume and destroy as fast as EA can. Andrew Wilson should just have the title of "Darth" from now on.

#59525 DP's Droid Foundry v2.0

Posted by Mephiles550 on 29 September 2017 - 05:23 PM

I've been away from Kotor for too long, these new droid models will be a great way to play the game again. I love all of the variety in these high quality models. 

#57860 ROTJ Luke clothing MOd

Posted by Mephiles550 on 17 July 2017 - 01:26 AM

 What was the Cathalan mod??

A trip into wonderland.

#57340 DP's Droid Foundry v2.0

Posted by Mephiles550 on 22 June 2017 - 04:17 PM

The modding community is doing a better job of remaking Kotor than Apeiron is.

#57108 Star Wars Battlefront II (Battlefront 2017 threads merged)

Posted by Mephiles550 on 11 June 2017 - 04:03 AM

Looks pretty nice, but since I didn't bother to purchase the first one, I don't know how much they've changed/improved.

Q. Is it really any different from its predecessot?

To be honest, this looks far more different than it looks similar to it's predecessor. The first game was fun, but hardly resembled the original battlefront games (IMO). This game looks much more similar to Battlefront II 2005.


Honestly, it looks really similar in gameplay to the original Battlefront 3 build that was cancelled years ago. I'm also getting some Battlefield 1 vibes from this.

#56735 Taller Calo Nord

Posted by Mephiles550 on 29 May 2017 - 04:35 AM

That added on to his character, and everyone's got that one trait/weakness about them that can be considered a flaw. Some are more noticeable than others. In Calo's case, it was his short height. That made him a much more enjoyable character. I like to think half of the reason why he takes no sh!t from anyone is because he was mocked for his height so often. :D

#56481 Nar Shaddaa Expansion

Posted by Mephiles550 on 17 May 2017 - 05:33 AM

Lol, toiletries and restrooms are indirectly mentioned throughout both Kotor and TSL. They're called 'refreshers', sometimes shortened as 'freshers'. http://starwars.wiki...fresher/Legends


Since they're mentioned throughout the games occasionally, I just assume that refreshers are far less common in the Star Wars universe than restrooms are in the real world.


That explains all of the doors that can't be opened in some areas. They're just bathrooms... ? :question:  I guess toilets are considered a luxury in Star Wars. 

#56463 KOTOR Remake : "Apeiron"

Posted by Mephiles550 on 16 May 2017 - 05:05 PM

Black Mesa is a terrible example to use as a comparison. The project was originally a non-profit MOD, and emphasis on 'mod' because Apeiron sure is no mod, and only became released on Steam for $20 after VALVe reviewed the project and gave the mod team permission to release the mod for profit. There's nothing wrong with remaking a game from scratch as a mod for another game. A mod for a game and a stand alone title are two completely different beats in terms of the legality behind them.


And people, let's stop making fun of the Apeiron team for their spelling mistakes; they never bothered to read through their orginal post before they posted it.

#56393 In your opinion: Coruscant Expansion Discussion

Posted by Mephiles550 on 14 May 2017 - 09:25 PM

Thanks to Sith Holocron for reminding me of this thread! I had fun writing all of this.

The Coruscant expansion went through several revisions and add-ons to make the mod better, and while I did have fun playing the mod itself, I do have some recommendations for future versions. Some of these may be too hard to implement, but I figured I'd just throw these out there. While new modules would be impressive (the in-progress work shown on custom Coruscant modules here sure does impress me), that can wait for a later time. Seeing the entrance to the Jedi Temple being a ghetto landing pad is pretty funny, but understandable given what the community had to work with at the time.

What I'm recommending here isn't necessarily an expansion of the mod, but a (large) patch to fix some of the problems I noticed.

1. Seeing characters "speak" without actually having any voice-lines needs to stop. Are they speaking to me telepathically? (One mod actually did use this excuse for not having spoken dialogue, nice try guy). Modders should easily be able to remedy this by making the characters aliens, like Twi'leks, or by having the humans say lines already recorded in the game files.

  • For the Republic soldiers, have only one address you in front of the entrance and make him a Twi'lek in republic uniform so he can speak like a Twi'lek and either get rid of the second door guard or have him speak lines already in the game. I'd recommend the dialogue used by the Republic soldier in the Telos cantina. His dialogue can be applied anywhere.
  • That's the glory of Kotor's Twi'leks, they can be fitted in any armor. Putting a Twi'lek in a Republic uniform shouldn't be a problem.
  • The two guards in the temple killed by the Sith don't speak, so no issue here. They can just be regular soldiers. Maybe make one soldier female for variety.
  • The random guard patrolling the temple interior can be a patrol droid that speaks droid babble.
  • For the Sith master in the council chamber, have him speak the Sith gibberish language spoken occasionally by other Sith assassins.
  • The droid next to the fountain that provides the module map should speak like any other droid without prerecorded lines. Same for the giant worker droid next to the boxes.
  • Does Kreia even need to be referenced for the library terminal? Just let the terminal work without her needing to mention an override bug for it.

2. Add a map for the council room. Yes, the module contains only a hallway and a single room, but the lack of a map and the white void placeholder pulls me away from my immersion, not to mention hurts my eyes. It doesn't help knowing that the all-white map was a common issue I experienced modding the game that basically implied that I screwed up major with a mod and had to go on a scavenger hunt throughout the files to find the problem. I'd rather not be reminded.

3. The skybox is garbage. It tries to use Nar Shaddaa's multi-layered skybox as a template and the result is somewhat ugly.

  • There is a Coruscant skybox mod, but it applies only to the council chamber module's skybox and the mod itself was intended to be used only for the Jedi Master cutscene there after Telos. When you're actually in the module, the skybox is incomplete and looks weird.

4. Limit the force powers the library's training terminal offers to teach to only one or two powers. I understand some powers require being a higher level already, but regardless, this broken feature takes away the satisfaction of leveling up and earning force powers the intended way. I shouldn't be able to go from not even knowing force spark to having force storm in mere seconds.

  • Maybe after having one or two force powers, the terminal will shut down due to irreparable damage after not having been maintained for such a long time.
  • By the way, when I say force powers, I mean individual force powers, not fully upgraded force powers. For example, you can learn either force push or force shock, or force shock and force lightning, but that's all you get.
  • I don't have a problem with learning two or three feats either, or maybe even an attribute or skill level increase. Just please, limit yourselves.

5. The Loot obtainable from the mod really needs reducing. I actually felt guilty after having finished the planet, having gone from a relatively weak character who just left Telos into a √úbermensch after only 10-15 minutes of exploration. Do you still need parts to build your first lightsaber? No worries, you'll find around ten or so scattered throughout the mod, along with several of the game's best crystals, robes, and some really powerful custom items along with it.

  • Get rid of the majority of these items, although keep the majority of what's in the Sith room minus the lightsabers.
  • There can still be a couple of really powerful components, just not eight or nine in a single container.
  • Feel free to add in the droid room, oh, I don't know, some droid parts.
  • NO LIGHTSABERS. Make the player work for that lightsaber. Instead of getting a lightsaber from the Sith Master, have him provide a lightsaber part on death.
  • The really powerful crystals, like the Kaiburr crystal, should be included in the Sith room in the main monument.
  • Do not include the Quixoni crystal. Keep that exclusive to the shady dealer on Onderon. (Sorry the late edit. I originally wrote Kaiburr crystal here before. That obviously makes no sense considering the above)
  • I'm fine with including Revan and Malak's items, although an explanation of how they got to Coruscant would be nice, especially for those who made Revan rejoin the Sith in the game instead of the Jedi.

6. Fix the remains on the Jedi training NPC. It's really weird to see a hologram drop a small pouch containing a heavy repeating carbine or Gamorrean war gloves.

  • Also consider making holograms of Sith, Dark Jedi, and beasts available to fight as holograms.

7. The Sith holocron should not be able to teach you Force Crush. It's easily one of the most broken powers in the game - a good exclusive reward for having progressed on the Dark Side path. Maybe you can learn another new mod power instead. There are a plethora of possible options to choose from. This video shows a bunch of possible options:

  • Please, let's limit us to only one power. My personal favorite is the one that lets you summon a beast.
  • The confrontation with the republic soldier that enters the room should be modified. He can still be killed, but you should be able to talk to him and persuade him to ignore you.
  • The previous recommendation would probably require him becoming an alien to accommodate for dialogue.
  • If a new power cannot be added, then at least replace learning force crush with gains to the PC's attributes, strength and constitution being the likely choices for Dark Side gains.

8. Add additional puzzles into the game. A math problem, fill in the blank, a riddle contest, I'll let the reader get creative with this, but the fact of the matter is that the rooms with the majority of the interesting goodies require little to no effort to enter. The council chamber and droid assembly room require little to no skill to enter. Simply get T3 or Bao-Dur and either one of them can slice through the lock no problem. If a puzzle is incorporated, use it to open the council chamber. Raise the skill requirement to slice into the droid room, and raise it a good amount. If it's too hard to slice though, place a keycard somewhere for it.

9. Add an additional compatibility option for those using the Sith assassins with lightsabers mod. This mod shows several of the Sith assassins with wooden staffs and it can be annoying for people who prefer them with lightsabers.

  • I'm not sure if it's just my character's wisdom being too high, but I swear that the assassins in this mod have no force resistance at all. Maybe buff their resistance slightly as well.

10 Have a surprise attack on your party after having completed the mod right before you enter the Hawk to leave. Not even Coruscant should be safe for the Exile, even with the republic maintaining the area.

  • One idea is that a group of alien bounty hunters, or a single strong alien bounty hunter, bribes/convinces some Republic soldiers to help kill the Exile and collect the bounty together. Even though the assassin posing as Batu Rem wasn't actually a part of the TSF, seeing what looked like a TSF officer fight you had me wonder why the game didn't use similar ideas with other Republic soldiers who want to capitalize on the bounty.
  • With Coruscant being the Republic capital and filled with its soldiers, there should at least be a couple traitorous ones who wouldn't think twice about siding against you. They don't even need dialogue, they just have to be there and start attacking you as soon as the group leader gives the order to attack.
  • If G0-T0 is present in your party, have him mention how the bounty on the Jedi has been rescinded. Since there isn't exactly somewhere for the enemies to leave, have them think that the droid is just bluffing and make them attack you regardless.
  • Make the group leader a strong Gran. They don't get enough love. Obsidian goes through all of the trouble of improving that god awful Kotor 1 Gran model and they barely use their new model for anything. Shameful, really! Feel free to give him a custom skin to make him stand out.
  • Why not include some HK-50 droids at the start of the planet? Right when you exit the Ebon Hawk, away from the eyes of the republic guards, the HK-50 units will be waiting for you.

The bulk of my issues pertains towards the mod spoiling players like greedy children on Christmas morning. The last one may be asking for too much, but I figured I'd just throw the idea in any way. Of course, all dialogue recommendations can be changed with custom voice acting, but I'm not holding my breath on that anytime soon.

TL;DR - Cut down on all of the overpowered items, use alien dialogue.

#56356 Kyle Katarn Facts (New Edition) (Possible Episode VII Spoilers).

Posted by Mephiles550 on 14 May 2017 - 04:14 AM

When Dark Forces II refuses to work properly even hours after trying to understand how to fix it, it's actually Kyle Katarn deeming you unworthy to play as him in all of his HD 60FPS glory.


Oh wait, that's just Lucasarts being sh*t at re-releasing old games for newer systems.