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In Topic: TSL Textures Remastered

Today, 03:13 AM

Amazing, reminds me of the old Star Wars comics before the prequel trilogy. They loved scenery like this. 

In Topic: List of K1R Compatible Mods.

Today, 02:58 AM

Don't forget that the creator of WOTOR (T7, I think) even stated that some of the files from the base mod (not patches) should be removed due to conflict issues. 


I use both mods and have no problems whatsoever on the Star Forge. I've always removed the files recommended by the author in the mod description. 


One common problem I've had in the past, although not anymore, was that, on the leviathan, Carth or Bastila would be completely invisible when not wearing any gear, but their dialogue still functioned normally. Often, invisible characters followed by dialogue is an imminent sign of a crash, but that was never the case with this. Interesting. I don't believe this glitch was a result of WOTOR since I had removed the recommended files at that point anyway.

In Topic: Lightsabers look weird in KOTOR 2

19 January 2018 - 10:00 PM

First, unsubscribe to all mods, or go into the Steam workshop folders and remove the files manually then resub to them later if you want. Honestly, I recommend you just download mods the standard way (TSLpatcher or copy and paste into override) The Steam workshop is more of a pain than anything.


If that doesn't work, try to do this to the kotor2.ini file and edit the line DisableVertexBufferObjects = 0

Add spaces in between the words and set the value to one so that it looks like this Disable Vertex Buffer Objects=1

In Topic: List of K1R Compatible Mods.

19 January 2018 - 06:03 PM

Please, I would like to know if Weapons of the Old Republic is compatible with the Kotor Restoration Mod 1.2.


Thanks for your answer.



I use it with K1R and I haven't noticed any problems. Just install K1R later to be double sure.


The only potential is that the crippled Dark Jedi in the Lehon temple may or may not be bugged, but I've been having that problem a lot lately. I think that's a different mod's fault.

In Topic: Improved Civilians Only

12 January 2018 - 06:40 PM

The modules with low-poly models in need of editing would be:


Taris: (5)

North Streets

South Streets

Upper City Cantina

Lower City Cantina

North Apartments


Dantooine: (1)

Directly outside the enclave


Tatooine: (1)

Anchorhead Streets


Korriban: (1)



Manaan: (4)

Ahto West

Ahto West Central

Ahto East

Ahto East Central


A total of 12 Modules, however we can add another two if we consider Korriban's low quality Sith models in the Academy and Valley. A good chunk of the game, but not really 3/4 of it.

It might just be easier to edit the Appearance.2da and add all of the UTC files into the override instead of editing the Module files. Most citizen UTC files are unique enough so that there wouldn't be any overlapping between different locations. The only exception I can think of this would be the Citizen.utc, which I've only found in Dreshdae so far.