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Curved hilt lightsabers

06 January 2018 - 03:40 AM

Kotor's got normal, short, and double-bladed sabers, and there's a pretty damn great mod by Sithspecter to incorporate crossguard lightsabers. I request a mod for curved hilt lightsabers a la Count Dooku.

Perhaps, opposite to the crossguard sabers, they can provide a dexterity bonus and/or some other benefit/detriment that standard sabers do not have. Innate Dueling feats or something, or maybe higher critical hit rate, something like that. Something to make them stand out other than just having a curved hilt


Hell, this idea could evolve into some mod that can rework the entire lightsaber system when it comes to the hilt type, but let's start small with curved hilts for the time being