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Star Wars Game Sale!

07 February 2017 - 09:57 PM

Hello everyone. It's been a while since I made a post, but I finally have a bit of new to share.
The Humble Bundle is having its third Star Wars Humble Sale. For a low price you can become the proud owner of many great and classic Star Wars games. This pack includes such classics as Empire at War, Battlefront 2 and Knights of the Old Republic. If you or a friend wants to get some of these wonderful games head over to THIS link and check it out. 
Act quick, at the time of posting this you will only have 13 days from the time this post was first made public before the sale ends!
For those unfamiliar with the Humble Bundle, it features "pay what you want" that allows you to get games at good deals. There is different minimum thresholds of payment that unlocks more games and even physical rewards like shirts. The best part is YOU get to decide where your money is sent (including charity). This deal sends money to Unicef's Star Wars Force for Change that helps improve the lives of children around the world.
If you like Star Wars (if not this isn't the website you are looking for) check it out.
MOD News
In other news, a new version of M4-78 is being tested and should be available to the public some time in the near future. This new version will have the long awaited improved voiceovers  that many users have been looking for.
We have also seen the release of the first area in the 2.0 version of the KOTOR ULTIMATE texture pack. You can see my video on it here
There has been many great mods released since my last post but as usual I will link to a few that I think are worth checking out. This time I want to highlight the awesome set of same sex relationship mods by Leilukin
These mods allow players to experience relationships in the game that were normally exclusively heterosexual (including the ability for Darth Sion and a Male exile). These mods not only enable the differing relationships but also re-dub the voiceovers and subtitles for a less disjointing experience. 
M4-78 Documentary Update
Finally, a new episode of the M4-78: A History Documentary series will be released soon. If you haven't seen it you can catch up with it here on my Youtube channel 
Thanks for reading, have an excellent day.

New News

25 July 2016 - 01:42 AM

Welcome to deadlystream.com.


Today’s post will mostly be dealing with updates and information (That is what news is supposed to be, right?)


The first and most important update of the day has to do with one of our wonderful staff members here on the site. Modder and Administrator extraordinaire, Sith Holocron, is moving.

Since his travels will take him far (across an entire beautiful, magnificent and humble country) to Alaska he will be taking a break from his admin duties. You can read more about it in his post HERE.


To fill the void left by SH you can take up and administrator concerns with Acting Administrator Fair Strides or one of our other wonderful moderators.


In other news, the long Gamefront Saga appears to be finally over. Thanks in part to some quick (and legally questionable) actions by Nexusmods all of the files that could be found at the Gamefront archive are now available on Nexusmods. This is excellent news for anyone who was looking to find mods as the searching should in theory be both faster and more accurate now that it is being hosted on the Nexus servers. This means different things for different people.



For modders: you can reclaim your mods by following this link and contacting them as detailed at the bottom of their post


For users: You can find mods for KOTOR HERE and KOTOR 2 HERE




I have also gotten an update in regards to Kotor: Aperion, a project I spoke about in a previous news post.

Taylor Trotter, President and Game Director of Poem Studios responded to some emails I sent him a while back and had this to say in response to my article.


1)      [as of April 29th] I have had no contact with Disney or EA.


2)      The project will be released in a mod. It will require the original game and use the original voice and music files.


3)      [In regards to the mod looking “Un Kotor”]  If you want a shot by shot remake of KOTOR, then this is not your game and I am sorry but as artist (and I wholly believe that, video games are art and I am an artist above all) that I need to have creative liberties otherwise Apeiron becomes void, it becomes a tech project; a conversion modification where it sits as a footnote; and I cannot abide by that. I think the Old Republic definitely had a different aesthetic than the movies and exploring what that atheistic is and how people behaved is infinitely interesting. I will give you a very comical example put it proves my point. No where in KOTOR are there any toilets. Why? Who knows, maybe they didn't think of it, or maybe it was such a small thing it would have taken time and money to put in the game, but there are no toilets in KOTOR. There are in Apeiron and the reason is, is that we have the tech and the time to make KOTOR much more open and explorable. Now I'm sure most people will run past the restroom in the Taris Cantina and never think about it. But there are people who will say "Wait...toilets don't exist in Star Wars...its feels too...normal." And I get that, but (and I kid you not) there is a Wookieepedia article on toilets in Star Wars, and we have them because I'm using the same rule I've had for the past decade while playing DnD, if you can argue a point as why something works or why something is there 99% I'll allow it... We do not take artistic ethos lightly.


Thanks again for reading. Please stay tuned to my Youtube channel and deadlystream in the near future as I have some interesting projects in the work.


As always, have an excellent day.