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In Topic: Net Neutrality

12 July 2017 - 04:35 PM

I have two questions: If Net Neutrality is removed will this affect countries other than the USA and if Net Neutrality is removed what could happen to Deadlystream.com?


1) Yes. Not only do many countries take lead based on US government policy, but many major tech companies exist in the US. They will spread the increased cost of doing business out globally to cover their losses.


2) Hypothetically, your ISP could make this site slower or more expensive to access than other sites.

In Topic: Widescreen Help Requested

30 April 2017 - 01:42 AM

What resolution is your display? 


Have you launched the game and started a new game at least once?

In Topic: Knights of the Old Republic III Thread - Rumor Central

20 April 2017 - 08:12 PM

There have always been rumors about a certain Star Wars game releasing bouncing around the community. Over the last few weeks we have seen some more of this speculation, but this time it comes from the developers. Liam Robertson, spoke on his podcast about several things including a new Bioware “MMO-style co-op game” that will feature a “Sci Fi” setting. He also mentioned something that got the rumor mill running at full speed again, when he mentioned that Bioware Austin may be working on the Kotor franchise once again.


"What they're currently working on right now – and I have this on good authority – is a sort of remake/revival of Knights of the Old Republic. I don't know when this is set to come out, but it has been in development for a little while now."

Liam then mentions that it may not mean a game bearing the Knights of the Old Republic name, but instead something based on KOTOR's structure. This got many fans excited as they have long awaited more Kotor since the MMO is not to everyone’s taste.

There is a long running thread with discussions of K3 rumors so check it out here if that's your thing.

Now if you are familiar with Kotor 3 rumours then you probably expect what I am going write next. The rumours are just that- rumors. While there was confirmation that Bioware Austin did at some point prototype a Kotor Style game, the project was not greenlit. Liam Robertson also reached out to Kotaku to clarify some of what he said in his podcast.


Going to hold my hands up here - I think I just misheard some of the Austin stuff when I was talking on Skype, so I may have misspoke there. There’s also the element that I had no notes in front of me and just sort of rambled on from memory. I did not expect these few select statements to blow up (oops). I’m used to having the opportunity to just release follow-up notices on the Patreon with any updates and corrections. My bad there. Let me clarify that I don’t think KOTOR’s a current project. From the same people I learned about Dylan from, I did hear that they prototyped a KOTOR revival at Austin a while back. I believe it may have evolved into something else since then or fizzled out since then. I’m still confident Austin is doing something Star Wars related though and I’m confident in that. I actually did know that they were contributing towards Dylan since I originally found out about it when I was researching Austin’s Shadow Realms, so if I said exclusively, then that was admittedly a mistake.”

Sorry to disappoint you, but this is about par for the course when it comes to Kotor 3 rumors.

While we are on the topic of disappointments, we also have Star Wars Battlefront news. A new trailer dropped for Dice’s latest attempt at reviving Battlefront. While it is too soon to say anything substantial about the game we do have a few facts. There will be a campaign where you take control of Imperial Loyalists after the destruction of the Death Star, something absent from the original installment. The is a discussion thread for the trailer here.

Finally we have a new trailer for the newest Star Wars movie. There is a thread to discuss that in more detail here. I try to keep myself fairly free of spoilers so I tend to avoid trailers. That being said this one seems to not give away the entire film.


Just like last month I wanted to take the time to highlight and talk about some modding news and give a shoutout to a mod that I have not had time to cover in a video yet.

This week I want to talk about Shanilia a mod that adds a new Grey Jedi Merchant to everyone’s favorite water planet. This mod adds a new character to the game who fits into the game while still reacting dynamically to your character and their choices. I am a big fan of what this mod is trying to accomplish, as there is a bit of a lack of added content mods. There will be a video showcasing the mod in the future on my youtube channel, but for now check the mod out for yourself.

Every time I mention a mod, someone will eventually ask me to suggest a list of mods for them. I don't have the time to spend hours testing and compiling a list that is guaranteed to work. Luckily for me Snigaroo, over on the Kotor subreddit has already created such a list for both K1 and K2. It's worth checking out if you are in the mood for a full play though that is lore friendly and enhanced. Check that out HERE

That is all for now. Thanks again for reading.
I hope that you have an excellent day!

In Topic: Trying To Get KOTOR 1&2 original disc copies to full hd??

24 February 2017 - 10:49 PM

I think you shall make Full-Screen Windowed mode, in case you get the feel, you want hear some music and pause for a while, if you play fullscreen , you have to wait ca. 20 17 Years at me..

I'm sorry but I have no idea what this means.

In Topic: Trying To Get KOTOR 1&2 original disc copies to full hd??

24 February 2017 - 10:45 PM

You want the game to run at 1080p?


I have made several videos on the topic. Just ask me if it isnt working





For the second game I would highly suggest getting the steam version of the game. Honestly if you add me on steam and send me a message I can probably just gift you a copy of kotor 2, I have 5-6 copies just laying around.