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The Xuul Report > Discord Server & Streams

Posted 27 May 2016

Hi all, Quick announcement in regards to my streaming and such. I've created a public discord server (HERE) to use in order to collect and share links and chat in our live-streams. Since the channel stays up even when I am not streaming it will also allow anyone to post links ahead of time, get help with mods, and just hang out and play ga...

The Xuul Report > Moving Blog

Posted 26 April 2016

Hello everyone, 
Time for a non Star Wars related update. I bought a house! 
Actually, it is more accurate to say that my girlfriend and I bought a house. It has been a long process that has been eating a lot of my free time. After months of stress the time is now upon us.  
We move right at the start of May, so I will probably be a bit ina...

The Xuul Report > Playing SWTOR

Posted 17 February 2016

I get asked about it a lot. The Old Republic  What do you think of SWTOR? Is it worth playing? Have you played it in the past? I played it at launch and enjoyed the class stories. After hitting level cap I grew bored quickly with the endgames and had no interest in repeating planets with new characters.  My friends stopped playing and I le...

The Xuul Report > The "Not so deadly" Livestream

Posted 02 February 2016

Some of you may be aware that I have started Live streaming. Thank you to those who have already been For now it is just happening on my Youtube channel , but I do want to move over to Twitch at some point: Twitch.tv/MrXuul  The basic premise of these streams are threefold: 1) To test mods for upcoming videos. This way I can get feedback,...

The Xuul Report > Video Making Information 1

Posted 26 January 2016

Xuul's Video Making Suggestions  Part 1 Recording  Hello everyone and welcome to another blog post.
This post was inspired bu SithHolocron's blog post HERE . Originally I tried to write a lot more, but that didn't work out. I will eventually get around to reworking and posting the rest. This write-up is intended to go alongside a few vi...