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Can't find model on KotorTool

18 July 2017 - 04:21 PM

Hello everybody

Here's my problem : I wanted to make Robe for Korriban Sith Student by Shem compatible with KOTOR Ceremony Tunics for Jedi Robes by 90SK. The female student have the Bastila style robes with their normal jedi robe texture, you can see the mess.

So I tried to find the original jedi robes model on Kotor Tool, but I can't find the model for the Large female body type. Either I'm very stupid or blind but I really can't find it on the subfolder on Kotor Tool. Or maybe I'm using the wrong tool to find and extract model.

I also noticed that all the model for the large female body type and small male body type are not in Kotor Tool.


I'm a noobie in modding so that explain that I don't know where to find them, so please bear with me ^^'.

(also excuse my bad english)


Thank you in advance for the help.