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#62081 Workbench Crystal Attunement

Posted by Markus Ramikin on 09 January 2018 - 10:11 PM

Nobody is perfect ;)


Glad to be of help.

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#58378 UPDATE: Credit Videos (for TSLRCM only)

Posted by Markus Ramikin on 11 August 2017 - 10:27 AM

I don't always skip the credits!


(Mainly because I'm in them.


What? :P)

#56960 Kotor 2 story questions

Posted by Markus Ramikin on 04 June 2017 - 11:22 PM

For those of you who feel deeply knowledgeable about the details of the story Kotor 2 tells, here are some things which I am not 100% sure I understand. Maybe I forgot too many details over the many years of my knowing this game. But I wanna hear other people's take on these:

1. What was GO-TO's plan for the Exile? He didn't want to release him because of the Exile's tendency to cause destructive incidents like Peragus. And yet he wanted the Exile to save the galaxy. Like, how, in GO-TO's model of reality, was that going to work?

2. What was Mira's plan when she went to meet Visquis? What was she hoping to accomplish?

3. Who was paying Azkul to attack Khoonda, and what was their motivation?

4. Why was the Exile on the way to Telos before the game began? Y'know, as a passenger on the Harbinger, what was he trying to do, what were his goals and plans? And what was the Republic hoping for when they gave him diplomatic priority?

(Where appropriate, please assume every question also ends in "... and how do we know that?")

#56856 Cannot view or download TSLRCM 1.8.5 (and ONLY TSLRCM)

Posted by Markus Ramikin on 02 June 2017 - 07:32 AM

And here's the part where I'll likely get the hate pushed on me . . .

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See, kids, reverse psychology works.


Hassat Hunter was and is the major hold out in changing the music.

Huh, what's the rationale?

#56687 Remove Speed Blur Only (TSL MOD)

Posted by Markus Ramikin on 26 May 2017 - 12:23 PM

Interesting. Now if only I didn't need to turn frame buffs effects off in order for TSL to even work...

#56521 KOTOR 1/2 Steam not working on Windows 10

Posted by Markus Ramikin on 19 May 2017 - 01:02 PM

Don't buy old games from Steam. GOG is for that. Steam versions of old games tend to be poorly packaged, unpatched, and generally I trust them not at all. I'm not the first to observe this, either - it was quite gratifying to run into a vid by TotalBiscuit (which I cba to find right now) talking at length about the poor quality control for old games on Steam.


Hell, Planescape Torment recently got released with a modern Enhanced Edition on both Steam and GOG at the same time - you'd think it'd be an equally good deal? Nope, the GOG version included other downloads - most importantly, the classic version (the one that community mods work with), Steam's did not.


At this point I just don't buy games from Steam unless it's a heavy discount or I need it to connect in multiplayer.

#56506 Download:Bastila Romance Scriptfix

Posted by Markus Ramikin on 19 May 2017 - 03:50 AM

Posted Image


File Name: Bastila Romance Scriptfix

File Submitter: Markus Ramikin

File Submitted: 18 May 2017

File Category: Mods

K1R Compatible: Yes


Bastila Romance Scriptfix
for Kotor 1 (GOG/retail)
by Markus Ramikin
version 1.0


I. Description (SPOILERS)


After you've kissed Bastila, you can have one more conversation with her about it before the romance gets put on hold "until Malak is defeated". In the original game, two later situations have bugs.


First, meeting Bastila on top of the Rakatan Temple:
- if you've had that post-kiss conversation with her, the game will not recognize the romance, and you will miss out on certain dialogue options.


Second, the final conversation with Bastila on the Star Forge has an opposite problem:
- It will fail to recognize the romance if you have NOT done the post-kiss conversation,
- If you've sunk the romance completely, for example by saying "Sorry, Bastila, that starship won't fly", the game will mistakenly give you the romance dialogue option.


Of course the Kotor 1 community has known for years that Bastila's romance is buggy, and several fixes already exist. But, as far as I can tell, they rely on messing with Bastila's dialogue file (rather than scripts), so 1. they don't fix the second situation, and 2. they don't help a player whose savegame is already past that conversation.


This modification fixes both problems by leaving the dialogue file alone, and modifying the scripts instead. It does so by recognizing the following situations:
variable state 12: kissed Bastila = romance active
variable state 13: kissed Bastila and talked afterwards = romance active
variable state 99: romance sunk


Now you will get romance-related dialogue options on Rakata and the Star Forge regardless of whether you've discussed the kiss with her afterwards, but you will not get these options if you've shot her down.


II. Installation


Unzip, copy the files from Override into your game's Override folder.


III. Compatibility


My fix should be compatible with any mod imaginable - except other fixes/modifications to Bastila's romance, IF they also modify the same scripts I do.


K1R, despite including its own Bastila romance fix, doesn't do this, so I'm sure it will work fine with my mod, but I haven't personally tested this. I'd appreciate confirmation.


Compatible with existing saves. You can install while on Rakata or even the Star Forge, and it'll work.


The mod was tested with the GOG version, and I expect it'll work fine with the old retail/CD versions too. No guarantees about the Steam version at all - if it crashes your game, color me unsurprised.
(PSA: Don't get gaming classics from Steam, kids - good old games are the specialty of Good Old Games, duh ;) )


IV. Bugs


None that I know of at this time.


I've tested it by doing one main playthrough, plus some sanity checks with the Kotor Savegame Editor. So I'm confident it works correctly in all possible combinations of romance state, Revan's gender, etc.


In the unlikely case I missed something, though, let me know (and PM me your savegame).


V. Disclaimers and permissions.


The usual stuff applies. The mod is provided as-is and with no guarantees; by installing it, you accept it may melt your computer, cause nuclear war, and hasten the heat death of the Universe.


Distribute freely, as long as you give credit.


Click here to download this file

#41855 Star Wars Episode VII Discussion (MASSIVE SPOILERS)

Posted by Markus Ramikin on 13 January 2016 - 08:25 AM

There can be no logical char progression if we want to create ANH 2.0.

While I feel as you do on most things you wrote about, I wouldn't go so far. I think it would doable - with a good writer with freedom to do his or her thing. But the impression TFA leaves on me was that the writers had marketing people breathing down their necks the whole time.

I'd rather have seen an adaptation (NOTE ADAPTATION not a copy) of Heirs to the Empire. That would have been awesome me thinks.

Oh yes, please.


And this is actually an example of what I just said - Zahn's trilogy often reads like I'm looking at scenes from the original Star Wars trilogy, starting with a Star Destroyer scene and culminating in a throne room confrontation with the EmperorC'baoth, and a simultaneous battle on the ground and in space, but it's done well and it doesn't mean characters have regressed. It's a plausible continuation that doesn't make me feel everyone's just been wasting their lives since RotJ.

#41693 Star Wars Episode VII Discussion (MASSIVE SPOILERS)

Posted by Markus Ramikin on 09 January 2016 - 07:34 PM

I actually brought it up simply as a fact, not as a response. I said that it surpassed Avatar as #1 scoring film, to which HH replied and I did as well

Heh, nope. Earlier you said "Regardless of what you thought, a lot of people love it apparently, a lot of people I know are going to see it multiple times". That "you" makes it a response, not sure to whom but the posts above yours are discussing specific issues.


No matter. You know, I'm almost tempted to take you up on your claim tnat you're looking for an intelligent discussion. But I am going to be 100% honest here when I say that when I first posted and you started trying to refute my points, I repeatedly failed to get the impression that you understood what I was saying before you went on to criticising it.


I particularly regretted going out of my way to make it extra clear in which sense I used the words "important to the plot" - in order to clarify what one of my issues with the movie is - because you then scratched off two lines in which you brought up two ways in which Han was "important" that had nothing to do with what I had just been explaining. It's discouraging.


And when you combine that with condescending or otherwise unnecessary crap like "Try again", "Maybe you should pay attention more to the movie", "But sure, let's make everything stroke your ego,", then I'm sorry but you don't come across as worth the effort. You can go on complaining that nobody talks fairly with you, even though you supposedly addressed every point made by me and HH and whoever, but until your posts start looking like you're actually willing to make the effort to understand what the other guy is saying, I expect this'll keep happening to you.

#41690 Star Wars Episode VII Discussion (MASSIVE SPOILERS)

Posted by Markus Ramikin on 09 January 2016 - 06:51 PM

who really thinks that the Box Office is any way to grade a movie?! I mean does anyone really believe that a movie like Avatar is little more than a glorified Dancing with Wolves in space?

Quite - but even that isn't quite what I meant. If people are discussing specific issues in the movie, and someone brings up "well it was successful, people like it" as a response to that, then they don't realize they aren't even speaking on topic. It's a discussion at the level of monkey-politics: everything nice you can shout about the movie is a point scored against the guys on the other treetop who are the enemy team, criticising it.


For example, that thing I said at the start, that TFA's writing has a lot of stupid in it? I could say the same thing about better movies than TFA, such as, say, the Dark Knight. The Joker just walking into a meeting of some 30 mob bosses without getting even frisked long before he saw the inside of the room was ridiculous. If the one tried to respond to that by saying "well it was a good movie, people liked it", I would shrug and say "so did I, your point?"


(As to how reliable the box office is of as a measure of a film's goodness, three words: Glengarry Glen Ross.)

#41668 Star Wars Episode VII Discussion (MASSIVE SPOILERS)

Posted by Markus Ramikin on 09 January 2016 - 06:54 AM

I really like how Dr Evil appears to think that by mentioning that the movie is successful and lots of people saw it he's scoring some kind of a point.

#41441 Star Wars Episode VII Discussion (MASSIVE SPOILERS)

Posted by Markus Ramikin on 04 January 2016 - 08:35 AM

Oh, wow. At this point you don't just fail at reading comprehension, it's clear to me you're not trying to understand anything I'm saying, because if you put in that necessary cognitive work, you'd be unable to point out nonexistent problems with it. Just one example before I'm done with you.

That's such a backwards argument and you know it, do you even read what you're saying? We run into Han and Chewie because Han's been looking to find the falcon, and since he'd recognize it's signature anywhere, it's not exactly unexpected that we'd run into him. Try again
OBVIOUSLY the proximate reason Han is there is that he's looking for the Falcon. Duh. But the overall reason, the one that changes Han from a random smuggler uninvolved in the mission at the start of the movie to an important character later on, was Rey finding the Falcon. That's the unlikely coincidence, one which makes Han's involvement a contrivance. Do I need to explain every obvious little thing because you can't make the simplest mental connections when reading a post by someone you're disagreeing with? (*)

It wasn't that the writers said to themselves "oh, now that Rey has the Falcon, it might make sense to involve Han" - they started with the need to include Han and put the Falcon on Rey's planet as a way to cause that. And my point is that that's lazy writing. It would have been easy to write the plot in a way that made Han's involvement necessary and not accidental, to give Han or some other character a motivation and the means to make it happen.


In Kotor 2, why does the Exile have the Ebon Hawk, the same ship as the protagonist of the previous game? Contrivance? No. It was brought about by the motivations of the character T3-M4, who brought the Hawk back and was looking for Jedi to help Revan. Even though the real reason was probably "so that we can reuse the game asset and give players the ship they're familiar with", the Exile didn't just inexplicably find the Hawk parked on Peragus for no knowable reason. Do you understand what I mean? (*)


(*Rhetorical questions, of course. I'm done with this conversation.)

#41383 Star Wars Episode VII Discussion (MASSIVE SPOILERS)

Posted by Markus Ramikin on 03 January 2016 - 10:16 AM

It's not as horrid as the prequels, but the writing is full of stupid.

So yeah. The Millenium Falcon discarded like garbage, just standing there, unguarded, with no security or  even closed doors, and it just so happens to be fuelled and running, perfectly flight- and combat-ready. Realistically, it would have been stolen long before the movie gets there.

Then they just so happen to get found by Han and Chewie.

Then Han's contact just so happens to have Luke's lightsaber in her possession.

All this stuff is in there not because the plot of this movie needs it in any way whatsoever - you could cut out Han and the Falcon and all you'd really need is some different way for Rey to get a lightsaber before her fight with Kylo. It's there because it was in the previous movie, it's familiar to the fans, and they needed to shoehorn it in somehow. But Han is not important.

And the worst part? I can EASILY fix that so that they become integral plot elements and don't offend the viewer's intelligence. Make it so that actually Han is the only person who knows where Luke went. (Maybe Luke told him, or maybe Han was crafty and managed to figure it out, but Luke made him promise not to tell Leia and others). Or if not Han, then R2, similarly to Revan-T3, and R2 is with Han. And the device the little ball droid was carrying is actually a tracking code for the Millenium Falcon, so that the Resistance can find Han/R2 and ask them where Luke is. There you go, the Falcon and its crew are suddenly important and don't feel shoehorned.

Then there's the notion of draining a star into a planet as fuel for a weapon... no. Just no. Does anyone writing this have any idea how much bigger a star is compared to a planet?

As a minor point (which shouldn't be minor, but compared to the idiocy of the Starkiller weapon it's nothing), Kylo Ren is a trained and experienced Darkside user who's successfully defeated several Jedi apprentices. Finn is just a soldier, and fighting Kylo was his second or third time wielding a lightsaber. There is no way in the universe he should have landed a hit. It should have been Vader-vs-Luke-in-Cloud-City except squared; even wounded, Kylo would toy with him a little then injure him. Even Finn's successfully using the lightsaber against the stormtrooper with that funky weapon should have been explained somehow ("Let's hope my vibrosword training holds up with this"), other than "main character powers" that is.

For that matter, Rey defeating Kylo is also unsatisfying, for the same reason why Luke defeating Vader in Cloud City would have been. It took Luke frikkin' Skywalker 3 movies to get good enough to take on Vader.

If they needed Rey to win (which they didn't: they could have her lose, then before he kills her, Kylo loses consciousness from blood loss, or Finn shoots him in the back), then they should have played up Kylo's injury, show us his vision swimming, like he's barely clinging to consciousness. At this point, why is Kylo an impressive villain again? And does something like "Jedi training" and "combat experience" mean anything?




BB-8 with that scene on the thumbs up though got me, it was great,

You mean the middle finger? ;)

#37746 Bugs and minor inconveniences with TSLRCM 1.8.4

Posted by Markus Ramikin on 10 September 2015 - 11:35 AM

Somewhere on this site, one of the staff posted some minor fixes that includes removing the option to ask about the Modified Hold-Out Blaster after the Black Market quest is resolved.


The modified 203b4d4.dlg is borked--the dialogue when B4 calls the player while under house arrest reverts to the dialogue you would get when you talk to him at Czerka. Because of this, the Czerka Calling quest is never given, and it is impossible to proceed (since you need both Czerka and the Ithorians to call you before Grenn unlocks the door to your apartment).



Yeah it's just a few posts up on this page - #285 to be exact.

My mistake. Just delete 203B4D4.dlg from override. I removed it from that post.


(I forgot to delete it after submitting it for possible integration with a hypothetical next version of RCM, before sharing here in public.

Problem is that dlg filename exists in two modules, so I'd have used TSLpatcher, except after my latest system reinstall it seems to have require extra wrestling from me to make it work for some reason. So since this is just a quick share, I included the mod file instead, a crude measure to be sure, meant to apply immediately after installing RCM 1.8.4, before any Patcher mods.)

#36864 What do you hate about TSLRCM?

Posted by Markus Ramikin on 13 August 2015 - 05:34 PM

Hm. On second thought, you could be right. I don't remember ever having that problem in vanilla, but I haven't played vanilla in forever. Looking at the original dlg and hawk script, it does look like it though.


I guess vanilla was stupider than I thought.


Well, this is easily tweaked. For my own installation, I made it so that she won't stop giving you a chance unless her influence is <50 (besides the other conditions) - the cutscenes will happen, but the "we're through" dialogue won't unless you've actually done something to make her dislike you. This'll still happen in my darkside playthrough, but not the one where I'm nice to both of them.

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