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Force powers mod - cannot compile

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#1 Dark_Ansem


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Posted 21 January 2018 - 08:05 PM

So, the purposes of this mod are:


- the toning down of Force Crush's OP'ness by giving it a proper damage type, rather than universal

- changing the Force Storm and Force Scream line to Dark Side damage, rather than electrical - because I'm an EU/Legends fan, but not likely to last as this makes it way too powerful

- making a number of force powers affect the PC's alignment, making for more difficult and strategic gameplay (no more force lightning abuse by LS players)


However, in addition to the script NOT compiling, there are a couple things that evade my grasp:

- forcing the PC to use the "choke" hand gesture for the "kill" power, am I even looking in the right place for such a change?

- understand whether the game would accept decimals for the alignment shifts: 0.5, or maybe even lower, because it's completely possible to leave Peragus well down on the Dark Side path

- make some spells more dependent on skills?


Can anyone please help?

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#2 jc2



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Posted 25 January 2018 - 06:07 PM

Have you compiled script on TSL before?


I took your .nss and compiled without errors. I think you didn't save it correctly.

Try the following, set script to TSL, select "Compile," then save as "k_inc_force.nss," it should compile as a .ncs file.

If it still won't compile then you probably don't have the TSL nwscript.nss inside your override. 

Then you'll need to extract nwscript.nss from the source script in TSL using the KT it should be under BIFs. 


Check out the spells.2da and go down the list until you run into the force power that has the animation you want, then move along the columns until you find the animation specified. It should look something like "animacolumn." It could be a number or a name, can't remember. 


So yes, you can change the animation attached to a force power, but you can do that only through editing the SPELLS.2da, not the force power script. 


As for the damage types, that should be doable, I've done something similar for k1 with my grenade mod. 


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Thank you FS for past and current modding help! 

#3 Dark_Ansem


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Posted 25 January 2018 - 06:19 PM

No, never compiled a script before. 

Thanks for the 2da insight!


Out of curiosity, did you try the compiled script?

#4 Kexikus


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Posted 25 January 2018 - 07:26 PM

You don't want to compile k_inc_force. The "inc" stands for "include", i.e. it's included when compiling other scripts, in this case force power scripts.


As jc2 pointed out correctly, you need nwscript.nss in your Override folder to compile any scripts. And usually you do just what jc2 said, but since this is an include script, you need to put the UNCOMPILED k_inc_force.nss into your Override as well and then compile all scripts that include this script or at least all scripts that use the portion of k_inc_force that you modified. So go to spells.2da, find the scripts fired when using the force powers you want to be edited, then use KT to extract these scripts from the scripts.bif (hopefully you can find the uncompiled version, if you can't, try decompiling them with DeNCS but that might run into problems with the include script), and compile those while having nwscript.nss and your modified k_inc_force.nss in the Override. Once that's done, copy the compiled scripts to your Override and if you want to keep your Override clean, remove the k_inc_force.nss and nwscript.nss, but you don't have to. I wouldn't recommend removing the nwscript.nss as you need that to compile scripts and whether or not k_inc_force.nss is in your Override doesn't matter.


As to the floating point values for alignment shifts. That's not possible. The alignment is saved as an integer value, so you can't use decimals here.

#5 Dark_Ansem


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Posted 25 January 2018 - 11:19 PM

I fear the script to compile is: k_sp1_generic.ncs...

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