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Sith Holocron

To the Modding Giants: A tutorial explaining how do lip syncing has been requested. I'd really appreciate if someone could "whip one up" for the Tutorial section. Thanks!
Jan 11 2018 03:59 PM
  • Sith Holocron's Photo
    Sith Holocron
    New DropBox link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ea5o1dp60j2qypl/cslu206.exe?dl=0
    Jan 11 2018 08:09 PM
  • Kexikus's Photo
    Thanks for the link.
    Jan 12 2018 07:43 AM
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    Hassat Hunter
    Well... that would have been useful for TSLRCM and M4-78EP. Oh well...
    Jan 13 2018 06:13 PM