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Community Status Updates

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    I've added more information to the topic. There is also a second error message that makes me feel that it isn't a registry problem. Be sure to check that out.
    Apr 24 2018 11:09 AM
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    It’s just that the fact that you need to give game paths every time you boot KTool sounds like a registry issue to me. I’m pretty sure my KTool has never actually worked with manually inputted game paths. I’m not saying it’s the whole problem (although Windows works in mysterious ways), but it could be part of it.
    Apr 25 2018 05:04 AM
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    Having to give game paths every time I boot KTool has only appeared after I reinstalled it. I got the same error messages before this without having to set directories, I uninstalled and reinstalled KTool to fix this but it didn't work and simply added the path requirement on top of the errors. The second error displayed in the topic mentions something "Microsoft .NET Framework" and "could not find 'C:\chitin.key'"
    Apr 25 2018 06:33 AM