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Okay, does anyone know of a model that uses the 'detonate' emitter controller?
Feb 13 2018 11:15 PM
  • Fair Strides's Photo
    Fair Strides
    I should think the grenades and the droids would...
    Feb 13 2018 11:26 PM
  • ndix UR's Photo
    ndix UR
    Yeah I didn't find any in K1 either. Mostly what I've seen about the detonate controller is from NWN, referring to how it often shows up in the key section but not the values section.
    Feb 15 2018 05:17 AM
  • bead-v's Photo
    Then maybe the best solution is just to get rid of it. But I don't quite understand where you got its number from, considering it's completely unused
    Feb 15 2018 07:11 AM