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Jorak Uln

Preordered the new Blood & Wine Addon for W3 - cant wait to continue that unique gaming experience!
May 20 2016 12:40 PM
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    Jorak Uln
    Did you play with STLM 2.2?
    The good thing is, it doesnt alter the vanilla feel too much, while fixing/enhancing it in a impressive way.
    For me i dont want to play without ever again...
    Jul 04 2016 04:48 PM
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    I haven't, but I'm seriously considering upgrading my PC for it and downloading Witcher 3. It looks an amazing mod with so many views/downloads. I hate to say it but I literally didn't read up about the secondary quests and didn't collect ANY gwent cards, missed all the missions and hated myself for it, now I'm playing again haha. Just bought Bloodborne as well!
    Jul 14 2016 02:24 PM
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    Jorak Uln
    Yay. I still havent played through all quests either.
    But if you upgrade your PC i would seriously recommend GTX 1070 or even 1080.
    Fantastic cards, W3 with STLM 2.2 and only Ultimate Graphics Options Mod (on max) installed is the closest thing you can get to the 2013 Trailer and an absolute blast to your eyes.

    Btw, dont own a PS4, so no Bloodbourne - but still have to beat through Dark Souls 3.
    Jul 14 2016 02:45 PM