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I hate overpowered mod items in Kotor. Brotherhood of Shadow looks fun, but I'll probably end up weakening dozens of items in Kotortool if I download it again.
Oct 12 2017 02:34 AM
  • Tyvokka's Photo
    I found BOS rather difficult but maybe thats just me.
    Oct 12 2017 09:22 PM
  • LDR's Photo
    Yeah BOS is a bit tougher than base-game.
    Oct 12 2017 11:40 PM
  • Mephiles550's Photo
    That doesn't mean I need a set of light armor from Czerka that turns me into a hulk. BOS isn't really that hard. The only time I thought it was tough was during the stealth part with the droid and Shadow's visions, all of which limit you to only a handful of items and whatever you find. Solomon's fight may have been a little tough, but nothing unbeatable.
    Oct 13 2017 12:53 AM