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Squall Lionhart

In market for new gaming laptop as mine is officially going down thanks to a swollen battery (don't know how) Any suggestions?
Jan 13 2018 08:56 PM
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    Can't just swap out the battery in the existing one?
    Jan 14 2018 05:56 AM
  • VarsityPuppet's Photo
    I grabbed an ASUS ROG Strix and it's been working pretty well. I of course bought it at that inopportune moment where in 3 months or so the price went down by $300 :/
    Jan 15 2018 03:30 AM
  • Squall Lionhart's Photo
    Squall Lionhart
    I would swap the battery out, but unfortunately my trackpad has lost the click function.
    Jan 17 2018 02:25 PM