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M4-78: The History of Droid World

07 Nov 2017

Posted By Xuul in News
Hello everyone.   It’s been a while since I’ve updated the news and it’s time to remedy that.   Today marks the release of the latest episode of the documentary series: “M4-78: A history”. If you are not familiar with the project go ahead and check it out via this playlist HERE. This series is the brain child of our beloved administrator Sith Holocron who has been working on this project for several years now. The documentary aims to tell the tale of every step of the fabled droid planet, from being cut originally, through all the various attempts at restoration to where we are today. While I edited the video all the researching, tracking down modders and digging up old mods most people forgot about is all Sith Holocron. The first few episodes were released several months ago and the delay for this one is all on me. Check out the latest episode of the series HERE.   In other M4-78 news zbyl2  has posted an update in regards to the newest version of M4-78 and answ...

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Deadlystream all the things

17 Oct 2017

Posted By Tyvokka in News
Hey Everyone! As some of you may have noticed we have had some site outages this last week. First let me apologize as I was otherwise preoccupied with some other issues which resulted in a delayed response from me. That aside, over the coming weeks Deadlystream will need to undergo some server hardware maintenance; This may result in  the site being offline for hours at a time while I move all of Deadlystream to a new server cluster. I hope you can all bare with us while this is underway.  And for one site update, we plan to have the Mod of the Year conest once again this coming December, so please get your mods in as soon as possible! Thanks for being apart of our community! Tyvokka

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Star Wars Game Sale!

07 Feb 2017

Posted By Xuul in News
Hello everyone. It's been a while since I made a post, but I finally have a bit of new to share.   The Humble Bundle is having its third Star Wars Humble Sale. For a low price you can become the proud owner of many great and classic Star Wars games. This pack includes such classics as Empire at War, Battlefront 2 and Knights of the Old Republic. If you or a friend wants to get some of these wonderful games head over to THIS link and check it out.    Act quick, at the time of posting this you will only have 13 days from the time this post was first made public before the sale ends!   For those unfamiliar with the Humble Bundle, it features "pay what you want" that allows you to get games at good deals. There is different minimum thresholds of payment that unlocks more games and even physical rewards like shirts. The best part is YOU get to decide where your money is sent (including charity). This deal sends money to Unicef's Star Wars Force for Change that helps i...

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Mod of the Year Results!

02 Jan 2017

Posted By Sithspecter in News
Results for Mod of the Year 2016 For the first year hosting the Mod of the Year competition, we had an amazing turnout here on Deadly Stream. Almost 50 mods were nominated to compete! We also had an outstanding voter turnout, more than I ever saw at Lucas Forums. Thanks to everyone who made the amazing mods that were nominated, and thanks to all who voted! 2016's Mod of the Year competition was a rousing success, and I look forward to seeing what 2017 has in store for modding. Now, onto the results! Knights of the Old Republic: Overall Mod of the Year Award:High Quality Skyboxes by KexikusBest in Class Awards:Content: Custom Class Items by RevanatorFixes/Tweaks: Bendak Bounty Non Dark Side Option by Thrak FarelleModels: High Quality Blasters by SithspecterTextures: High Quality Skyboxes by Kexikus Knights of the Old Republic II: Overall Mod of the Year Award:Party Swap by Darth TyrenBest in Class Awards:Content: Party Swap by Darth TyrenFixes/...

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Some History and a Stream

13 Dec 2016

Posted By Fair Strides in News
EDIT: The EU Stream will be January 7th, 2017 at 9AM PST (UTC-8) unless anything comes up! Hi everyone! Staying warm and avoiding the ice out there?   We were supposed to be getting a news update from our Editor Xuul, but it seems he misplaced the draft. So I'm here mentioning two pieces we know for sure were going to be in the draft.   First up is a trip down memory lane and a look at the past. By now, many people probably know about the M4-78 Enhancement Project mod. This was an attempt at a restoration of a droid planet in KotOR 2, and while it was a very good attempt, it was not the only one. There have been others throughout the years and all have been unique in their own ways, even in their pitfalls. This comes about due to a lot of research and dedication from our very own Sith Holocron. He's done a lot of work tracking people down, gathering info, and narrating the videos themselves. Xuul did the editing and hosting for it, which was very nice of him....

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