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  1. Hassat Hunterzbyl2

    Made a comment, Today, 03:25 PM

    Happy birthday!

  2. CrashBandiTeam

    Made a comment, Today, 06:42 AM

    Don't Worry, guys, the "Raider's Claw" Idea is just paused, i am moving more to an other mod (idk details yet)

  3. Sith Holocron

    Made a comment, Today, 12:06 AM

    Was amused to watch Law & Order SVU and realize the voice actor for Carth was playing the defense lawyer.

    • Canderis's Photo
      He's in quite a few things! He was even in my favorite show ever, avatar the last airbender.
    • danil-ch's Photo
      He was also on Castle where he was
      playing the bigfoot :).
    • DarthParametric's Photo
      Another ME crew member on TV - Garrus is the lie detector operator on Agents of SHIELD this season.