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  1. Kexikus

    Made a comment, Today, 03:43 PM

    Added 6 more 2da files to my 2da file overview. There are still many files missing, including some very important ones, so if you have any knowledge about these, please let me know :)

    • DarthParametric's Photo
      Yeah neither of those are present. You could add them, but where do they occur in the game where they would be firing/attacking?
    • djh269's Photo
      I tried to create a Jedi training droid like on Star Wars Episode IV, but nothing happens when the droid fires. Strange.
    • Kexikus's Photo
      Oh right. That makes sense. I somehow assumed that the row indices would be referenced somewhere else instead. Thanks for the info.
  2. N-DReW25

    Made a comment, Today, 09:12 AM

    Would anyone be willing to beta test a small TSL mod for me? If your interested please PM me and I will send you the files. I need at least one steam user and one Gog or disk version user to test if it works across all platforms.

  3. L0ki194

    Made a comment, Today, 06:30 AM

    Oh dear, I've become addicted to adding mods to Battlefront 2 now...

  4. Leilukin

    Made a comment, Today, 01:28 AM

    My Handmaiden and Female Exile - Disciple and Male Exile Romance mod has gotten more than 1000 downloads on Nexusmods.

  5. Mephiles550

    Made a comment, Yesterday, 11:42 PM

    So in Kotor 1 Restoration, when you convince Hurka to take you past the guards after opening the bridge door, are you supposed to be teleported directly behind the airlock next to the room with the Dark Jedi or is my game glitching on me?