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Blog #73 - Mod Request (Battle of Khoonda videos)

in Sith Holocron's Blog

Try warping to 603DAN. It's a spawns you in a Khoonda Plains clone module with a testing computer in front of the player where it essentially plays what happens in the BIK movies in the actual game. That'd be where most people would want to start.

Interesting. Might take a look at this.


Blog #72 - Looking for mods for Taris and Endar Spire

in Sith Holocron's Blog

Unless you plan to do a special edition remake of your movies with new techniques and HD mods I'd recommend not overdoing the HD mods with your K1 movie. Reason for this is because you don't want a super HD 4k Carth in the prequels and have the standard quality Carth in your Original Trilogy movies. 


My other suggestions for Carth and other NPCs are:





Hah. Loving the goatee Carth, he looks so suave. Though, don't know if I could take him seriously with that look.