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32370 screenshots 20171225175955 1

32370 screenshots 20171225175955 1

Minor edits to the Dark Side ending's Sith Elite. Skins by Darth Hopa

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    Which sith apprentice reskins are they?

    Which sith apprentice reskins are they?

    Let me just list it all one by one like I should've in the description (was late, got tired and lazy)


    Malak & the two twileks: Darth Hopa. One is the Shadow, the other is his random tattood Twilek. Can be found on his profile here.


    The Gendar Reskin: Malaks Unique Apprentices https://www.nexusmod.../kotor/mods/58/


    I replaced the Star Forge robes model with Darth Bandon's Robes. The male model can be found anywhere with a quick google search.


    The female variant, with some 2DA edits to allow NPCs to wear it, comes from DP. The links are on this thread (for both a K1 and K2: variant) http://deadlystream....or-model/page-2


    The Sith Armor reskins here came from SpaceAlex's Kotor Enhancement pack. I know there's a link out there somewhere, but you'll have to do some searching for that one.

    I thought I recognised them from SpaceAlex's Kotor Enhancement Pack. Thanks for the confirmation! :)