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    Very good, although skin tone needs some more work, because it’s significantly lighter "inside" the scars than "outside".

    It's supposed to look like that. Years of wearing the mask have left their mark.

    Ah, yes, SWTOR Revan has got the difference too, although it’s more subtle.
    Dude, can you upload the file? It's f***ing awesome.. Your Revan Scarface looks like the one on XBox.. You know the remake of K1..

    Soon. I'm working on the portraits.

    Thanks haha... I'm looking forward to this one... Dude, I'm tellin' ya, this is gonna be one of the best files in deadlystream..

    I appreciate your enthusiasm.

    Yes, the scarface texture can be qualified as awesome.

    The mod has just been released. Enjoy.

    really nice mod, I know this may sound picky but is it possible if we could get a version without the lines?