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  • Submitted: Mar 15 2014 07:06 PM
  • Last Updated: Feb 03 2015 05:11 PM
  • File Size: 587.47MB
  • Views: 61470
  • Downloads: 31,521
  • Approved by: Hassat Hunter
  • Approved on: 15 March 2014 - 07:44 PM
  • TSLRCM Compatible: Yes

Download M4-78EP 1.1B

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M4-78 Enhancement Project 1.1B

1. Description:
This mod adds the planet of M4-78 to the game, where you can find Master Vash alive. The planet is only available after finishing Korriban. You will find a clue on how to get to M4-78 in Korriban's Sith Academy.

* Brand new planet consisting of seven new, unique locations!
* Over two hours of additional gameplay!
* Explore the mysterious Droid's Planet in a dialog-heavy adventure, with over 1000 lines of voiced dialogs!
* Your actions on M4-78 have impact on other planets, making it feel like a legitimate part of the game!
* Restored previously unavailable unique droid items for your party members!

Please note that for now, M4-78 Enhancement Project is ONLY COMPATIBLE WITH THE ENGLISH VERSION OF THE SITH LORDS!

2. Installation:
1. First, you will need to get the most up-to-date version of TSL Restored Content Mod (TSLRCM 1.8.3B). It's available for download here: http://deadlystream....398-tslrcm-183/
Please note that M4-78EP will NOT work AT ALL without TSLRCM.
2. Follow TSLRCM's installation instructions.
3. Once TSLRCM is successfully installed, run M4-78EP.exe. Installer will ask you where you want to install the mod - it should figure out where TSLRCM is installed by itself, so you probably won't need to change that. If, for some reason, the installer shows an incorrect folder, make sure you change it to directory where KotOR 2 is installed (where swkotor2.exe is located, NOT any of subfolders), same as TSLRCM.
4. While we try our best to make this mod as bug-free as possible, with the many options of KOTOR2 and our small testing team it can happen that bugs, including critical ones, pass through. We will fix them, so check our site for any potential updates and patches.
5. Install any compatible mods you desire now.

3.1 1.1B Update fixlist:
* Fixed issue where "Data Transfer" could not be completed if acquired after meeting Kaah, but before visiting M4-78EP, or if you triggered the 'hidden' ending.
* After starting the 'Thrash' goal with IS-43 you can ask him again what you're supposed to do now, in case one might forget.
* Corrected wrong class-check in Black Market Droid conversation that could break the convo.
* Improved Telos Droid Assistance cutscene.
* Added VO that was missing from the installer.

3.2 Patch fixlist:
! Fixed "stuttering droid" bug.
! Additional content!
! Added 2 Easter Eggs. Go find them ;)
! Modified endgame sequences.
! Telos Attack and the Rebuild Academy are now properly updated like they should, as they were accidentally left out of the original installation.
! Various spelling and grammatical fixes throughout the mod.
! Updated several quest entries for added clarity.
! Changed learning "Niman" to "Juyo" for Sentinels, Assassins and Watchmasters.

* New sidequests "Elimination Required", "Global Infiltration" or "A Droid Too Many" will run together with the droid's solo quest to remove the radiation, and should provide some distraction from the walking. Finishing one of these quests will give the droid you control a small permanent boosts to their functionality.
* Several droids throughout the colony have more to say. And some brand new ones appeared!
* Killing Vash will no longer incorrectly increment 000_Jedi_Killed, which could lead to various issues.
* Fixed Vash appearing on M4-78 too soon when talking to T3 about the Jedi Masters.
* Fixed Vash appearing injured if it stated M4-78 and not dead when talking to T3.
* Changed hyperspace to look a little more like vanilla hopefully.
* The M4-78 landing and leaving movies now appear in the movies screen once seen ingame.
* M4-78's music can now be listened at from the 'music' tab after game completion.
* Changed learning "Niman" to "Juyo" for Sentinels, Assassins and Watchmasters, since Vash teaches Niman, and this could lead to gamebreaking issues if Vash wasn't the last Jedi Master the PC met using these classes.
* Grenn will acknowledge possessing M4-78 fuel during the Telos under Attack sequence.

* Fixed Lost Jedi not updating sometimes. (T3 hint)
* Fixed conversation break and no quest update with Disciple. (no Atton)
* Fixed Disciple vo/st mismatch.

M4-78 Landing path:
* Fixed exile appearing shortly before the interlude cut-scene.

M4-78 Cental Zone:
* Changed mechanics of the M4-78 door opening, preventing the door to open but an invisible wall still blocking you entrance in certain cases. Also fixed the door still being visibly floating above the building when open.
* Modified broken droid dialogue to make it slightly more obvious where to get the droid legs.
* If you kill Vash you will now also get a proper introduction to M4-78.
* The force field can no longer be bashed by a lightsaber (if so, why was Vash still there?)
* Fixed "hidden ending."
* Modified core-quest update script. It would return 'have 1' if you had 5 or more. Now it will always return you have enough (4) if that's the case.
* Fixed the maintenance droid not giving you 2 cores if you used a certain conversation options and then aborted the convo.

M4-78 Environmental Zone:
* Fixed HK not being re-added after HK-50 fight (missing file).
* Reduced hitpoints of boss droid
* Kaah's meeting will now give you a lightsaber (part) wheter he remains alive or dies.

M4-78 Industrial Zone:
* Fixed missing quest update from retrieving memory core from living astromech droids.
* Fixed all astromech droids once broken being able to give the part, not just the one who should have got it.
* Fixed IS-56 sometimes not talking about I0-01, blocking progress.
* Some Droid Designers were sent back to work, and will now use the computer animation instead of standing around doing nothing.
* Fixed medical vendor showing all stims twice in his inventory.
* You can now finish "Data Transfer" if you acquire the quest after completing the planet's storyline.

M4-78 Core:
* Fixed Kaah not properly appearing when leaving the mainframe in some cases.
* Kaah will no longer drop a lightsaber upon being killed.
* "M4-78: Recent History" will now close with a failure quest description if you enter the M4-78 core while it being rendered uncompletable.
* Reduced hitpoints of Vash

M4-78 flooded sections:
* IS-43 will now look the same during and after the radiation flood.

4. Uninstallation
Run uninstall program created in your game's main directory.

Q. Conversation breaks with error in the Korriban Academy.
A. M4-78EP is only for the english version of The Sith Lords. Other versions will not be able to start and complete the planet properly, sorry.

Q. M4-78 does not appear on the galaxy map.
A. Finish Korriban, and follow your quest instructions. Alternatively, another mod may conflict, please check our forums if this is the case.

Q. Slow performance in the Industrial Zone.
A. If you experience this, try turning down graphics for the duration of this map. Also make sure the Disable Vertex Buffer Objects=1 fix is in your swkotor2.ini under [Graphics Options]!

Q. I can't finish "Recent history: M4-78"!
A. This quest requires you to very specifically interrogate droids and events around the world. It's intended to be only completable for the very thorough. Try to finish it if you can!
With the patch it will automatically fail if you don't, so it won't remain in your quest log for the entire game may you fail to do so.

Q. I am missing droids.
A. Make sure you have no incompatible mods running along M4-78EP.

Q. I can't find all 4 power cores for the puzzle
A. There are more than 4 cores to be found, so there are several options where you missed one or several. Check with every droid, and make sure to loot everything to find the ones you missed!

Q. My question is not answered here!
A. Feel free to ask us at our official forum;

- Zbyl2 - Project Leader, scripting, storyline/dialog writing & editing, voice over auditions, texture editing and more
- Stoney - Former project leader, scripting, storyline/dialog writing & editing, texture editing, modelling and more
- Hassat Hunter - dialog correction, scripting, bug fixing, patch lead

- Sharen Thrawn - former lead writer
- Lord of Hunger - storyline ideas
- JCarter426 - storyline writing/ideas for the Industrial Zone
- Sith Holocron - input on storyline and planet's past

- Stoney Many new or edited placeable objects
- Quanon Archon models
- Khrizby New animations and fixed models
- Redrob41 Droid re-skins
- 90SK A LOT OF droid re-skins
- Sith Holocron Animated screen textures

- Stoney
- Hassat Hunter
- Qui-Gon Glenn
- Atton Rand
- Nsinger998
- Zhaboka
- drunklol
- arekushu
- twdarkeh
- dashrendar
- Sith Holocron

M4-78's Main AI Sith Holocron
Researcher/KL-92 Edwyn Tiong
Greeter Droid Ripulesyou
Random Design Droids Drew Mochak
Additional Industrial Zone Droids ThisIsSnaik
Kaah Ohtok Zhaboka
Force Field Operator Trayusstudent
Main Information Unit JCarter426
War Droids/Central Zone's Maintenance Unit/Force Field Operator Caleb Woodard
Sith Soldier Mrcharlton
Information Unit James Beagon
Environmental Droid Revan411
Central Zone Unit 90SK
CS-28 Dylan
Environmental Archon Louise du Cray
Security System Ghostlyhamburger
Medical Units ABagOfVicodin
Additional Construction Droid/Landing Arm Supervisor Sonbiru "Dr. Son"
Cleaners' Boss Daniel Conner
IS-02 Nolan Tashijan
Additional Environmental Units Tuomas "Iterator" Kuosmanen
Fight Witness Adam Brennecke
Main Manufacturing Unit Kevin Smets
Re-programmed Maintenance Unit Jaedar
Droid with missing legs Dr. John Faller
Black Market Droid L0ki194
IS-84 RunawayJam

- Sith Holocron
- HK-47

Special Thanks:
Want Kaah Gone (A Parody of Jonathan Coulton's 'Want You Gone')
Music by Jonathan Coulton
Rewritten Lyrics by Sith Holocron
Awful Singing by Sith Holocron

Thanks to DeadlyStream for giving us space on his forums and all the people of the TSL community that helped with bug finding in the original release.
Thanks to tk102 for the dlg editor
Thanks to Jdnoa and Dashus for the tools they created for which none of this would be possible without them.
This mod may not be modified or distributed without the explicit permission of the authors.


I downloaded M4-78EP_1.1.exe  quite a few days  ago.

SIZE:476 MB (499,200,809 bytes)


Do i need to redownload this  M4-78EP -patched ?


or will using the updated galaxy map do the same thing ,

posted by Hassel Hunter here:


When iI installed the TSLRCM it worked great until I got to the visias intro. Then at the end of the introduction a got a black screen. Everything I have seen on the problem says that there is a file you need to remove from your override, however my override doesnt contain this file it is called n_darthnihlu.001utc. or somthing like that im not sure what to do.

You really need to fix the journal intros and i don't know why when i wanted to talk to the ambushed droid i got a black screen and i could only hear shots. Please fix this awesome mod.

I just installed the mod on an ongoing playthrough, and HK-47 became transparent. is there a fix for that?

*nevermind, it was an HK47 skin I had that conflicted.

i dont know if its this mod or not but when i first get into the ebon hawk it starts skipping tons of convos by kreia and atton but the only mods i have installed is the tslrc this and immerson loot

Problem: In steam, the option to disable game auto-updates is not present anymore. I guess you guys cant do anything about that, so I guess that, when steam updates, either it will work or it wont

There is conversation error with Kreia in Ebon Hawk just after escaping Peragus. Always when I check "I felt the force on Peragus again" (not sure if it's exactly in english as I said here) conversation error appears.  For now I uninstalled this mod. 


With previous version everything was ok. 

There is conversation error with Kreia in Ebon Hawk just after escaping Peragus. Always when I check "I felt the force on Peragus again" (not sure if it's exactly in english as I said here) conversation error appears.  For now I uninstalled this mod. 


With previous version everything was ok. 

Ok I solved the problem. I had to convert 650kreia.dlg and 003EBO file. Everything is working fine now.

I have encountered a problem on Peragus. When I Opened the hatch by T3, the door didn't open for my character, and I'm stack at the very begining

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