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  • Submitted: Oct 21 2012 02:16 AM
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Download Global Boolean Tracker 1.0

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You want some globals?by Fair Strides

Contact info:
Fair Strides at deadlystream.com
Fair Strides 2 at Lucasforums.com

Hello guys! How ya been? Everything okay on the forums? Glad to hear it, because this is the only way I can contact you guys. This mod was an idea I got after I had issues with my games screwing up, and perusing the NWNLexicon until I stumbled upon Custom Tokens. The idea was to give the player a way to keep track of their globals, so that they could backtrack if they screwed up while editing globals, or so people could make skip mods faster, if they had a mind to do so.
At present, the mod just shows you the global booleans, given the immense amount of typing I've had to do. Numbers will come, I promise.

To get the item in-game, just talk to Bao Dur's remote, and select the option for getting a copy of the globals. Now you have a datapad with a list of the global booleans. However, it will never update unless you have the adrenaline item, which you can get through codes with the following:

'giveitem global updater'

without the quotes. If you can't get it to appear, make sure you have cheats on by going to your game's root directory[just hit "Find Target..." from the properties menu of the shortcut to the game] and open the file named swkotor2.ini and add the following line under the heading [Game Options]:


save the file, and enjoy! Note: to enter cheats, after you have them enabled, just hit the tilde( ` ) key.

EDIT: Now you should be able to acquire the global updater by 'giveitem global updater'. If not, and I would hate it if it were so, have a moderator look at it and try to fix it.

Just run the .exe to install the mod.


My patience for doing such an endeavour solo, since I can't get on the boards to ask you guys for help. This was NOT a fun task. I was so thankful to whoever invented the idea of copy-and-paste.

You have the given right to modify these files any way you wish, for personal or public use, but if for public use please contct me to let me know ahead of time and to see what's been changed. Disreagard this requirement after 4/30/2060.

If I am unreachable on the forums, then either email me(and put the mod name in the subject line, please), or contact one of the older modders, like cHaInS.2DA, Hassat Hunter, and Bead-v. I would trust their judgement as to whether or not the changes to my mod are good. You might ask Malkior, as well. However, before asking them, email me, as I can get on my email in the mornings at school, so I'll probably answer you. Can't send files, though; the internet has a pretty good filter, and I don't want to risk trouble...

What's New in Version 1.0 (See full changelog)

  • 10/20/2012~~Initial Release
  • 11/6/2012~~Hopefully fixed

Fair Strides
Oct 21 2012 07:32 PM
Sorry. cheat might be:

giveitem global updater

Sorry for any issues; I've been under stress lately.

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