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  • Submitted: Sep 30 2012 04:01 PM
  • Last Updated: Aug 07 2015 08:32 PM
  • File Size: 410.21KB
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  • Downloads: 13,283
  • Approved by: Hassat Hunter
  • Approved on: 12 March 2014 - 11:42 AM
  • TSLRCM Compatible: Yes

Previous Versions

  • 12 Mar 2014 Download Handmaiden 4 Females - Disciple 4 Males (for TSLRCM 1.8.3) 1.8.3

Download Handmaiden 4 Females - Disciple 4 Males (for TSLRCM 1.8.4) 1.8.4

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Handmaiden 4 Females - Disciple 4 Males (for TSLRCM 1.8.4)

Author: Hassat Hunter
Author of original mod: Stoffe
PM: Contact me at the Deadly Stream Forums
Name: Handmaiden 4 Females - Disciple 4 Males (for TSLRCM 1.8.4)

Filename: Hand4Females184.rar
Date Released: 2/08/2015

This readme contains (as per the original mod's readme):
0. New in this version
1. What is this?
2. How do I install this mod?
3. Uninstall
4. Playing instructions (IMPORTANT! READ!)
5. Known issues
6. Distribution notes
7. Thanks and acknowledgments
8. What has been changed?

0. New in this version.
V1.0- First release out of beta, should work properly without glitches!
V1.8.3- 1.8.3 update, now uses boolean instead of number.
V1.8.4- 1.8.4 update

1. What is this?
This is a remake of a mod made by Stoffe for the original TSL, made compatible for TSLRCM 1.8.4 (and M4-78EP). It's been completely re-made from scratch (thanks to Stoffe's extensive changelist in his readme), changing some things backstage, mainly just because it's easier for me to work in a slightly different way, and added functionality to add Disciple to your party as male as well.
As such, it's no "compatibility patch", it doesn't need anything (besides TSLRCM 1.8.4) to work.
Also, it has been modified to use the TSLPatcher instead of dumping files in the override, making it more compatible with other mods as well, and not require modifications just so it works from override (602/610 disc_enc.dlg).

Here's what the original readme had to say about it;

This is a simple modification for SWKotOR:The Sith Lords that give a female Exile a choice of bringing along The Handmaiden instead of The Disciple as a party member.

Use it if you wish some variety to your parties, or you can't stand the Disciple for whatever reason, or if you simply like the Handmaiden better. This mod will give you the choice.

It will only change when the game checks the gender of the Exile to determine whether to use the Handmaiden or the Disciple. No game content has been changed, so if you can't stand having the Handmaiden call you "he/him" all the time, then don't bring her along. :D

2. How do I install this mod?
You may have to disable read-only properties for updates to be applied correctly. Always contact me if you get errors during installation.

Extract the "Handmaiden 4 Females - Disciple 4 Males (for TSLRCM 1.8.4)" mod, taking care to insure that both the "TSLPatcher.exe" file and "tslpatchdata" folder are extracted to the same folder (these files can be extracted to any folder on your hard drive EXCEPT those within the SWKotOR2 folder hierarchy). Also note that simply copying the files within "tslpatchdata" to your "Override" folder will not properly install the mod.

Simply run the TSLPatcher and point it to your installation location, and pick the first installation option.

* If using just TSLRCM run the TSLPatcher and point it towards the TSLRCM Workshop location (<Steam directory>/SteamApps/workshop/content/208580/485537937 for the English TSLRCM). Use the first installer option.
* If using TSLRCM and M4-78EP pick the second installer option and point it towards the TSLRCM Workshop location as shown above. Afterwards run the TSLPatcher again(!) and run the 3rd installer option, pointing it to the M4-78EP Workshop location (<Steam directory>/SteamApps/workshop/content/208580/485560877).

Note: a new folder named "backup" will be created during insanitation within the folder the installer was run from. If you plan on uninstalling this mod this folder and the files therein must not be deleted as they are used during the uninstall process.

3. Uninstall:
The files listed below may have been modified during the installation of this mod:
Within "Overide"
* globalcat.2da

Within "Modules"
* 950COR.mod
* 610DAN.mod
* 262TEL.mod
* 006EBO.mod

The following file has been replaced in "Override"
* handmaiden.dlg

The following files have been added during installation of this mod:
* k_sup_galaxymap.ncs

Backups of any file that was altered were made during insanitation and placed in a folder called "backup" within the folder the installer was run from.

4. Playing instructions (read this or suffer)
Copied over from the original readme, as I used the same requirement for Handmaiden to join you as female as the original mod did.
To NOT make Handmaiden join you (either as male or female) pick the "I don't care - you're going back." or "I'm taking you back to Telos - you're not welcome on this ship." when Handmaiden sneaks onboard the Ebon Hawk after leaving the Telos Academy.

In order to get the Handmaiden to come along with a female Exile, you must speak with her (the one who isn't called "Handmaiden Sister" and just "Handmaiden") when you are in the Telos Academy. Talk to her about anything you like, but when you prepare to end the conversation, she will ask you what the Force feels like.

Here you must pick one of the polite options, either telling her what the force feels like or what it's loss feels like. When she thanks you for the explanation, you MUST respond with:

"If you have any further questions in the future, seek me out and ask them."

...if you want her to come along. If you say anything else there as a female Exile, she will not stow away on the Ebon Hawk and you'll pick up the Disciple on Dantooine instead as usual.

I thought this was the easiest way to subtly indicate that she should come along without going outside the story and add a dialog option to directly tell her to come, which would ruin the stowaway "surprise" scene on the Ebon Hawk.

5. Known issues:
So far, no issues are known!!!

6. Distribution Notes:
This mod may not be modified or distributed without the explicit permission of the author. This is just so I know what is being done with it. If you have questions contact me at deadlystream.com/forum/

7. Thanks and acknowledgments:
My thanks go out to:
The TSLRCM team... whom whichout I wouldn't become interested in modding TSL, and thus wasting so much on my time on frivilous mods...
Stoffe, for making the original mod and making the changelist in the readme so detailed it made it far easier for me to adjust it to TSLRCM 1.8.4!
Everyone who helped me by testing this before version 1.0.
Fair Strides who updated the TSLPatcher to work properly for the Steam Workshop!

Original thanks by Stoffe;

This mod came into being after reading a thread at the Holowan Laboratories forum (http://www.lucasforu...threadid=144956) that asked for such a Mod. Since I couldn't find any I figured I should try to make one.

Though I have made the changes in this mod myself, often the hardest part of changing game behavior is knowing which game sequences and files to change. A number of people at the Holowan Laboratories have been helpful to that end. I'd also like to thank some people who risked the integrity of their game to test this mod and reported their findings. :D

From what I remember, these people are:
Tupac Amaru

7. What has been changed?:
This section is only really of interest if you are a modder and want to know just what it is this Mod is changing. If you just want to play the game and don't care how it works behind the scenes, there's no need to read any of this.

000_Fem_Hand (Boolean). Note the original mod did not use this.

Handmaiden.dlg (dialogs.bif):
R501; Added global set for total mod functionality.

holorec.dlg (950COR.mod):
E79; Added "or global set" check for Handmaiden arriving.
E108 & E89; Removed PC convo options, added Ebon Hawk load (no Handmaiden joining!)

disc_enc.dlg (610DAN.mod):
E24 & E39; Replaced isfemale check with having handmaiden or not.

kaevee.dlg (610DAN.mod):
Quest update for Vrook no longer checks for being male, but having Handmaiden.

The following scripts have been modified by this Mod. Below is a short description of the purpose of the script in the game, and a short description of what has been changed in it.

a_hand_pc_end.ncs (262TEL_s.rim):
(Runs after battle with Atris, starts dialog with Handmaiden in the Council Chamber, or runs the Nihilus Arrives movies.)
Replaced gender check with a check if the Handmaiden is in the party.

a_kreatris.ncs (262TEL_s.rim):
(Runs the "Kreia Talks To Atris" and "Handmaidens confronts THE Handmaiden" cutscenes upon the return to the Telos Academy.)
Replaced the gender check with a check if the Handmaiden is in the party to trigger her confrontation.

a_setup_ebo2.ncs (262TEL_s.rim):
(Runs the cutscene with Atris and the Handmaidens discussing THE Handmaiden's departure when the Ebon Hawk leaves the Telos Academy.)
Replaced the gender check for triggering the cutscene with a check if the Handmaiden is supposed to join, as set by the dialog with her in the Telos Academy.

k_dth_givels_rct (610DAN.mod):
(Deals with Kaevee death)
Modified Vrook journal to drop if the player has Handmaiden instead of if the player is male.

k_sup_galaxymap.ncs (scripts.bif):
(Triggers when the Galaxy Map on the Ebon Hawk is used. Runs movies and cutscenes, etc...)
Replaced Gender check with check if Handmaiden has joined when triggering the Telos Academy interlude cutscenes with Atris & the Handmaidens.

a_load006end.ncs (006EBO_s.rim):
(Runs the Visas/Disciple scene when going to Telos after the Dantooine meeting.)
Changed to use the Visas scene for female Exiles since the Disciple is not present if the Handmaiden has joined.

a_play_mov.ncs (950COR_s.rim):
(Runs the meeting scene on the Ebon Hawk after leaving the Telos Academy.)
Replaced the gender check for spawning the Handmaiden on the Ebon Hawk set with a check if she's supposed to join, as set by the dialog with her in the Telos Academy.

k_attonend.ncs (006EBO_s.rim):
(Runs the scene with Exile running to Atton in the cockpit after returning from the Dantooine meeting.)
Removed gender check if to spawn Visas or Disciple for the scene run by a_load006end.ncs. Just spawn Visas since the Disciple is no longer present if Handmaiden has joined.


What's New in Version 1.8.4 (See full changelog)

  • V1.8.3- 1.8.3 update, now uses boolean instead of number.
  • V1.8.4- 1.8.4 update

If it was possible to have them both and get rid of the annoying G0-T0 was PERFECT....keep  G0-T0 on the ship just not in the party ...

If it was possible to have them both and get rid of the annoying G0-T0 was PERFECT....keep  G0-T0 on the ship just not in the party ...

There is here a mod called "Recruit Function 1.0" with it can not be done this?(incorporate in this mod for that purpose)

Works fine. But when I met the disciple, there is an option to tell him 'I want you to join my party'. For curiosity I selected this, expecting an answer from him like 'I feel it is more important for me to continue the work for the Republic, sorry for not being able to join you ...'

But instead the handmaiden disappeared from the party selection and was replaced by the disciple. This was not how I wanted it to be, luckily enough I had a saved game to get her back.

Maybe I have missed it in the description NOT to tell the disciple he should join.

But would it be possible to simply remove this dialog line?

Nevertheless I like this mod, allowing to stroll on Dantooine or Korriban as 3 Jedi (PC, Visas, Handmaiden).

Thanks for making it possible.

hey it says warning 


Warning: A file named k_sup_galaxymap.ncs already exists in the override folder. Skipping file...


is this normal plz help

Bro im having the exact same damn problem. And she never seems to sneak on board for me even when I tell her the line you need to say. Don't know if I downloaded it wrong or if im just stupid.

I love the idea of this mod, will definitely install for my new playthrough. Too bad there's no way to have both Handmaiden and Disciple, since canon says they both accompanied Meetra.

So I've read that an update is on the way for this mod due to compatibility issues with the recent TSLRCM 1.8.4 update.

Well, I hope it comes soon. I just discovered this mod recently and I'm around the point where you should pick up Handmaiden(p.s. Playing as fem-exile) As you can guess, I'm having issues with her not showing up on the 'Hawk. Now I know I'm not the only one going though this, and before you say anything: Yes, I did follow the ReadMe's instructions to the letter. Thing is, I was having the issue BEFORE I updated TSLRCM to 1.8.4, I was still running 1.8.3.. So, if anyone knows about any workarounds(in or out of game) or other walkthrough info, I'd love to hear your feedback.

Otherwise, godspeed to Hassat Hunter on that new update.

thanks everyone and g'night

I love the idea of this mod, will definitely install for my new playthrough. Too bad there's no way to have both Handmaiden and Disciple, since canon says they both accompanied Meetra.

look for the mod called PartySwap, which gives you both companions.

Doen't work.

In my game, first start over with female exile, the first spar glitched and handmaiden didn't take damage. Not sure if it's a glitch or mod issue but that was what I experienced. When she first shows up on the ship and sparring then it happened and then when I went to the first planet and reboarded the Ebon Hawk.

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