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  • Submitted: Jan 08 2018 11:50 AM
  • Last Updated: Jan 08 2018 02:03 PM
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  • Approved by: Sith Holocron
  • Approved on: 08 January 2018 - 12:07 PM
  • K1R Compatible: Yes

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  • 08 Jan 2018 Download Taris Escape Sequence Adjustments 1.0

Download Taris Escape Sequence Adjustments 1.1

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This mod makes some edits to the two in-engine cutscenes that occur during the escape from Taris sequence.

The first of these is the “resume the bombardment” cutscene on the bridge of the Leviathan with Malak and Admiral Karath. During this scene, it’s possible that the player and party may spawn at the back of the bridge and be visible behind Malak. An edit to the module has been made to ensure that this doesn’t occur (technically they are still there, they have simply been moved out of sight). Additionally, two of the background crew NPCs appeared to be incorrectly positioned, so one of these was shunted sideways to better respect personal space.

The second scene is in the Ebon Hawk’s cockpit, just prior to the turret mini-game. In the vanilla version of this cutscene, only Bastila and Carth were specifically included. If your previous party included any members besides these two, they would just spawn randomly in the hallway, possibly blocking the camera in the opening shot, and otherwise just standing around. This scene has been altered so that now the entire party (at this point in the game) is present in the cockpit. Mission and Canderous take the two passenger seats, with Zaalbar standing behind Mission and T3-M4 attending to astrogation duties.

Additionally, the conversation between the player, Bastila, and Carth in the cockpit that takes place directly after the turret minigame has been altered so that weapons and headgear are hidden. Because of the way dialogue files work, this change also applies to every post-vision conversation with Bastila when landing on a planet for the first time.



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Specific Changes:
  • STUNT_06 - Edited the module's IFO to offset the entry position and hide the player/party.
  • STUNT_06 - Edited the module's GIT to offset the position of n_sithcomf001. Technically out of shot currently.
  • STUNT_07 - Edited the module's onload script to spawn the entire party into the scene
  • STUNT_07 - Created a scene-specific stunt animation for T3-M4 (computer use).
  • STUNT_07 - Created a scene-specific stunt animation for Mission (sitting).
  • STUNT_07 - Created a scene-specific stunt animation for Canderous (sitting).
  • STUNT_07 - Created a scene-specific stunt animation for Zaalbar (standing/idle).
  • STUNT_07 - Edited the scene-specific stunt animation for the player (m12aa_c07_char01.mdl/mdx) to make them run towards the turret ladder instead of past it.
  • Override - Edited the Ebon Hawk cockpit model (m12aa_01p.mdl/mdx) to add an astromech-accessible panel below the galaxy map.
  • Override - Edited ebo_bast_vision.dlg to change UnequipItems and UnequipHItem flags.
Known Issues:
  • Bastila and Carth are still visibly "air typing". I did attempt to alter the camera animations to mask it, but this actually introduced more problems (stuttering camera moves and revealing previously hidden janky animations). This probably requires more extensive cockpit model alterations to address, but I'm unsure if that is worth the effort, or what effect this might have on other cutscenes. Alternatively, the stunt animations, primarily Bastila's, could be adjusted, but that probably requires someone more talented than me.
  • The animations for Mission and Canderous aren't going to win any Oscars.
  • Thanks to Fair Strides for suggesting the IFO edit.
  • Thanks to ndix UR for permission to use the edited EH cockpit model from “Ebon Hawk K1 Fixes” as a basis and discussions troubleshooting model issues.
  • Thanks to jc2 for the idea to edit the player's dash to the turret animation.
  • Thanks to N-DReW25 for the suggestion to add a door to the back of the Leviathan bridge.
  • Thanks to bead-v for KOTORMax and MDLEdit, and ndix UR for MDLOps 2K18 Edition, all of which were required at various points to get this to work.
  • The core changes should be compatible with most other mods. Odds are fairly low someone else has made the specific changes to the stunt modules that would clash with this.
  • Changes to ebo_bast_vision.dlg are injected into any pre-existing copy of the file found in the Override folder. For example, K1 Restoration puts a copy of this file in the Override folder, so as long as you install K1R first, this mod will patch that file. If you subsequently install another mod that directly overwrites this file (again, such as K1R), then the changes will be lost. If you see weapons and masks equipped during the aforementioned post-vision dialogue then you know this is the case. This is a minor aesthetic change and does not affect the core content of the mod.
  • If you wish to use ndix UR’s “Ebon Hawk K1 Fixes” mod, make sure you install that first, as this mod will overwrite the model for the cockpit. The cockpit-specific fixes from ndix UR’s mod have been incorporated into this version. In the same vein, any other mod that uses a modified version of the Ebon Hawk cockpit model (m12aa_01p.mdl/mdx) will result in a clash.

What's New in Version 1.1 (See full changelog)

  • Added a door to the back of the Leviathan bridge. Thanks to N-DReW25 for the suggestion.

Love changes that promote immersion and cinematic experience. Look forward to this upgrade when I get there in the playthrough I started yesterday.

Lol mission & canderous look so derpy just sitting there

excellent concepts/ideas, and better, seems to be fully compatible with my stuff.   ;)

Gonna try this A.S.A.P.


totally agreeing with removing head-gear and gear from that kind of cutscenes of course. dont remember seen the party back in that cutscene ... but those overlapped siths certainly are something that needed a fix.


downloaded ....   ;)

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