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Download Valorous Knight Lightsaber 1.0

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Some time ago, modder Qui-Don Jorn created this mod that added a number of new crystals to the first Knights of the Old Republic. When these crystals were placed in a lightsaber, they caused the hilt to match the one used by Revan in Star Wars: The Old Republic. However, the mod was taken down some time ago and presumably lost. I have attached the compressed folder containing the mod files and patcher since I saved the Override folder I had from when the mod first came out. I have uploaded it here for any who wish to get the mod once more.


Disclaimer: I am NOT the author of the mod. This was created by Qui-Don Jorn, who I believe goes by Kaidon Jorn now. All credits go to him.

How do you get the lightsaber?

How do you get the lightsaber?

Download the save editor and add a crystal to your inventory. There were console commands to access them, but I don't recall what they are. I'm sorry.

Can this be ontained without the save editor
One last question, since you saved the override folder can this mod work without tsl? Thank you

To answer your questions.


1) I don't think it can be obtained without the Save Editor. If the original mod came with a console command, I do not remember it. :/


2) I imagine so? TSL Patcher is how I installed the mod for myself, so I wouldn't know about any alternate installation formats.

Thanks for the mod - nice model.


For those who don't know how to get it, just use console:     giveitem valo_lghtsbr_200    for example, the number range is 200-210. It's the same for every mod: the name comes from the *.uti files. Same goes for crystals.

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