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TSL Soundtrack Improvement

Posted by superSzym in superSzym's Blog, 16 January 2017 · 25 views

Most of you probably remember the KotOR soundtrack. It was truly immersive, wasn't it? I remember almost every single piece of it - it's really remarkable and hard to forget. And what can we say about soundtrack for TSL? 
Dantooine probably got some of the best themes in the first game. It's almost impossible to find a KotOR player w...

Reminder: EU Scripting Livestream

Posted by Fair Strides in Fair Strides' Blog, 05 January 2017 · 40 views

Hello guys! I'm not sure who all just glances at the front page and doesn't read everything, so I'm repeating here the edit to the news article: 
The EU Scripting Livestream will be held on Saturday January 7th at 9AM PST (UTC-8).  
This is very much delayed from the US stream and I hope to avoid this long gap in the future, so I apologize f...

A better story I think.....

Posted by GoldLeader in GoldLeader's Blog, 08 December 2016 · 122 views

Episode I     ATTACK OF THE CLONES     Turmoil has engulfed the Galactic Republic. A growing insurrection, led by the mysterious Count Dooku and his legion of clones, has gripped the Outer Rim Territories.     In a stunning move, Count Dooku has boldly swept into the Mid Rim region of the R...

Republic Admiral uniforms

Posted by Kreia in Kreia's Blog, 05 December 2016 · 154 views
remodeling, reskin, Carth and 3 more...

Okay, so this is turning into the most difficult texture job I’ve ever done. I didn’t know it when I chose the model, all I looked for was a whole chest on the texture: can’t do a Republic Admiral double breasted uniform by mirroring the left half on the right...

Advice about modding, no.2

Posted by InSidious in Marginalia, 07 November 2016 · 214 views

Just a quick entry, with a tip I've recently rediscovered, namely: how to take screenshots without the GUI. All you need to do to take screenshots without the GUI visible in TSL is: 1. Activate free-look mode (default keybinding is caps lock);
2. open the console and warp to your desired area. This will load the area, but leave the console...


Posted by jc2 in jc2's Journal, 20 October 2016 · 251 views
Peragus, DroidstoSith, Fun

#MakePeragusGreatAgain Make Peragus Fun Again!
That sounds a little less like it's crossing the line to politics.. but I bet the other line caught your eye ;) I'm a hardcore enthusiast, so this will increase the difficulty of the Peragus (but that can be reduced by in-game difficulty setting) to a new and fun experience.
But for those of us like myself, who live to challen...

When It Is Perfectly Acceptable to Change the Difficulty to "Easy"

Posted by Eauxps I. Fourgott in The Musings of Eauxps, 10 October 2016 · 190 views

So, I'm making my way through the Undercity, killing Rakghouls. Nothing particularly special. And so I get to one corner which has a ton of them in it. And they start to overwhelm us (as Impossible Difficulty rakghouls will do if they get up close to you). So Mission beats a hasty retreat as I'm already down and Carth stupidly charges into a nest of...

My Introduction. (Too long for a forum post, so I'm making it a blog post)

Posted by Pazuzu156 in Pazuzu156's Blog, 30 September 2016 · 177 views

I'm not new here, I've been a member here for a little over a year now, and did a LOT of browsing before then. I only made an account to send a PM to FairStrides about KSE, never knew I'd actually get involved in it's development. To make matters worse, I know NOTHING of modding KotOR and very, very little about Perl. Not one of my strongest language...

Now This is a Strange File...

Posted by pepoluan in pepoluan Far Far Away, 02 July 2016 · 336 views
swike toolsuite, tools, GFF

BioWare's GFF files are simply... uhh... perplexing. I had... quite an interesting time trying to grasp my head around the ideas. So this post is kind-of a self-note for me. So, we have "Structs". Inside a Struct, there's a property "FieldCount" A Struct can have one "Field", in which case the "DataOrDataOffset" property contains an in...

Discord Server & Streams

Posted by Xuul in The Xuul Report, 27 May 2016 · 436 views

Hi all, Quick announcement in regards to my streaming and such. I've created a public discord server (HERE) to use in order to collect and share links and chat in our live-streams. Since the channel stays up even when I am not streaming it will also allow anyone to post links ahead of time, get help with mods, and just hang out and play ga...

Broken. Empty.

Posted by DeadMan in DeadMan's chest, 18 May 2016 · 431 views

My girlfriend betrayed me. 
We were together for 2 years. I REALLY loved her, wanted to make a proposal soon (already bought the ring). We were happy together. 
And now she cheated on me. 
I can't forgive THAT. 
And I don't know how to live now. Don't worry - no suicides from me. It's just too hard for me. I can't eat, can't drink, ca...

Revisiting the past: a trip down memory lane

Posted by xander2077 in xander2077's Blog, 29 April 2016 · 467 views

Years ago i was fortunate enough to have a beast of a computer, 3ds max, and be a part of a mod community called freeworlds: tides of war. That was where i first learned to model in 3d. after dabbling in things like iclone and daz 3d, i didnt just want toplay around any more, i wanted to create models. so i got a copy of gmax and got to the point i felt t...

Ghost Stories...

Posted by Canderis in Canderis' Blog, 02 April 2016 · 548 views

Last year I attended the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. I had a terrible time there. My roommates I got stuck with were drug traffickers and I had not made any real friends on campus so every Friday night I would make the three hour drive from Knoxville to Nashville to spend the weekend with my dad. The drive was straight forward and pretty simple....

Hello I love swtor. I have mobile. Can I get guidance to modding on mobile?

Posted by DarthSidious4.2 in DarthSidious4.2's Blog, 01 February 2016 · 421 views

Hello I used to play swtor 1 and 2 on the original Xbox. I have it for mobile. And I was wanting to start off as a Jedi. With revens robes and mask. And 2 lightsabers. Can I possibly get some help? Thank you very much.

Somehow the EU Already Knew

Posted by Malkior in Malkior's Blog, 21 December 2015 · 797 views

First, I will start this post to say that I was aghast at the sudden termination of the Expanded Universe. Like it or not, I personally grew up reading everything I could find on Wookiepedia (the ultimate compendium of all Star Wars brand literature and entertainment properties)  From a fairly young age I was thrilled that such a thing as the Star Wa...


Posted by TimmyDean in TimmyDean's Blog, 16 December 2015 · 763 views

I need help y'all. I downloaded KOTOR 2 from xxxxx and even without mods and cheats, the audio is glitched bad and it keeps shutting down and or glitching. Can anyone save me? 
Never mind: I bought it from GOG. But I have some new issues I've mentioned below.

A little catching up to do...

Posted by Darth_Sapiens in Darth_Sapiens' Blog, 06 November 2015 · 975 views

Hey guys! :D 
So, I have been away from the community for a while, and I feel kinda guilty about it. But, at the risk of going a little bit into my personal life (and sorry there has not been any modding in it at all lately,) I would like to share some of what happened in probably what has been a world changing time for me. 
First, a little bit...

Premature end of the walkthrough

Posted by Fins in Benny Chan style, 16 July 2015 · 1,112 views

Yep, i lost interest in it, here's why.

To my surprise, Bao-Dur went Dark Jedi right after i went out of the Academy on Telos. Granted, i did take LS point hit in the military base (escorting out the NPC there to impress Bao-Dur, without Kreia in party at the moment), and i was as nice as i could be to him within the Academy, which probably gave three mo...

The Battle of Telos IV (Pre-KOTOR)

Posted by Domino5555 in KOTOR Fan Theories, 19 June 2015 · 837 views

Today, we will talk about the attack on Telos in the Jedi Civil War.

There has been much controversy about who ordered the attack on Telos. Before TSLRCM was released, it was generally accepted that Malak ordered the Sith Fleet to bomb Telos.

Recent restored content in KOTOR II, however, challenges this belief. Kreia says that Revan attacked Telos to pr...

My TSLRCM & M4-78EP compatibility list Mar 17, 2015

Posted by djnugent in Darth Nuge's Blog, 18 March 2015 · 1,730 views

This is just an open topic that lays out every mod and/or texture-mod that I have installed and, thus far, is completely compatible with TSLRCM & M4-78EP .

I AM NOT A MODDER , so no modding questions. I am ASPIRING to mod... so... yeah I won't know poop about crap if you have any actual real modding questions...

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