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Unsafe Working Conditions; Undocked Workaround

Posted by UnusualCharacters, 20 September 2017 · 924 views

Greetings, meatbags. 
Last time I posted, I implied that my home studio would be up and running again ASAP - and it would have been... had I not discovered black mold in the designated work area! This, along with a general mustiness, would have been detrimental to my vocal cords and, presumably, my life! It's been a process to remove this mold and fi...

Unplanned Move, Unexpected Delay, but Unphased Overall!

Posted by UnusualCharacters, 03 September 2017 · 1,119 views

Greetings, meatbags. Thanks everyone for the interest in my VO work! I've had a lot of fun working with all sorts of different characters. 
Unfortunately, I just had to go through an unplanned move so sorry for the delay in any recent delivery of files. I should have my new VO booth set up by next weekend and I'm going to start off with a huge KotOR...