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Knights of the Old Republic I and II Trailer compilation videos

Posted by ADG12311990, 10 August 2017 · 1,361 views

So, this is something I've been meaning to do for quite a while, but never got around to doing it. Until now. I was also partially inspired by the posts about the TSLRP, which brought back memories of elementary and middle school, and watching the trailers when I couldn't play the games. And since we are past the 14 year mark for K1, and about to hit the 13 year mark for TSL, I though it would be nice to share these. I had originally planned to post this in the KotOR General area of the forums, but figured it was more suited for a blog post. I wish I could have done something to make the videos not look so pixelated, but think of it as a flashback to 2003, and waiting for the videos to fully load. Or was that just me? :P I also added timestamps in the video description to the different trailers.

0:00 to 1:23 (I'm guessing that this is the E3 Trailer, along with the totally different UI, and some things that aren't in the final game, along with the different launch dates.)


1:23 to 2:56 (The old KotOR website says this is Trailer #1, and is the game as we know it today, for the most part. I wouldn't have minded that directional indicator. Would have made questing on some places a lot easier.)


2:56 to 4:32 (This is Trailer #2, and the one I saw everytime I turned on my XBox. It's a bit different than that trailer in some aspects, but this looks like it might be the final trailer before the XBox release of the game.


4:32 to 5:52 (This is the PC Launch Trailer, not much to say here.)


5:52 to 6:23 (According to the file name for this one, this is the TV trailer for the game. And the trailer that turned me onto the game. So, I have a special love for it.)

Since I could only find two trailers, even though I swore there was a third one, I added a demo video from IGN for the E3 version. Which, that in itself is a treasure trove of things that were different between the time of this demo, and the launch of the XBox version in Christmas of '04. I think there might have been another demo video out there, but I forgot where it might be.


0:00 to 1:27 (I want to say this is a trailer from around E3. There is a glimpse of M4-78, Dxun looks different, A rare Shiny Mandalore, And you can see the PC wearing Jedi robes that aren't in the game, including the Star Forge Robes. Although, compared to comments made in the demo video, this might have been released after the release date changed.)


1:27 to 2:38 (This trailer is pretty much the same that is in the streammovies folder, and on the Xbox version.)


2:38 to 7:17 (This is one of the demo videos I found on the IGN site, or maybe game trailers, I forgot which. But from what I have seen online, this is a demo from E3, which explains why the launch date for both the PC and XBox versions are different in this video, compared to the first one. And, I remember reading somewhere, that some of the dialogue for the demo is still in the dialogue.tlk file, and if anything from the demo was still IN the game, other than the dialogue, it would have been a nice little side quest in the game.)

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