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Entry #3 - Jan 2018 Update

Posted by DarthVarkor, 17 January 2018 · 178 views

Hey everyone,


So I haven't updated this blog in a while, truth be told, I completely forgot it existed!


So what have I been up to since my last entry? Well I began full work on the final film in my KOTOR II Movie Quadrilogy! I've been working on it since around June 2017 (some months have been more productive than others) and I'm really pleased with it so far, I honestly think it's some of my best work and I'm aiming to go out with a bang.


The film is being edited slightly out of sequence but I feel confident in saying I have around an hour and 20 minutes locked down, with the next 10-15 currently being cut together, the complete film is looking at being around 2 hours & 5-10 minutes (not including credits). I uploaded the first teaser for it on Christmas Eve and since then I've actually made a surprising amount of progress, expect more previews/trailers in the coming couple months.


I have no set release date in mind, but I'm looking at Spring/early Summer potentially, though, don't hold me to that! That's about it for now, I think. I have a very busy semester ahead of me too, and I'm in no rush to get this film out. It needs to be the very best it can be.


Here's the first teaser for anyone who hasn't seen it yet:


~ DV

Good luck with this semester and your project!

Thanks man!

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