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Entry #1: Legacy of the Sith - Theatrical Trailer

Posted by DarthVarkor, 24 May 2017 · 1,968 views

Hey everyone!


I'm new to this, so bare with me as I get used to the notion of blogging my updates on my films.


As of now, the third film in my series "Legacy of the Sith" stands at around 90% done, I'm currently working on filming/editing the final few scenes. I'm really happy with this film so far, I've been working on it since around April 2016 as I think it's my best work yet, it's the most exciting of the series so far, with some large action set pieces, and thanks to the help of Jenks (known as Jenko here) I've learnt how to write custom scripts to trigger some neat looking animations in the game.


I'll post a more in-depth blog post in the near future, for now, I'm back to work on finishing this film.


You can check out the full theatrical trailer here:




By the way, would anyone be interested in a tutorial series on how I create my films? I've had several requests on YouTube and a few on here on how I create certain sequences, I'd probably be looking into it after finishing the final film some time next year, let me know!



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