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Bao Dur's Extended Intro [Help Wanted]

Posted by N-DReW25, 12 April 2018 · 103 views

Kotor 2 is riddled with cut content, while TSLRCM restores most content and other big projects like M4-78EP restores their respective content there is still a small handful of cut content still hanging around and this one I will be discussing may or may not be known as commonly as let's say the GenoHaradan. 
Recently, I discovered some cut lines for...

N-DReW25's Disciple and the Holocron's Idea's

Posted by N-DReW25, 13 January 2018 · 213 views

This topic has been discussed a million times over during the years and each topic has been concluded with "There isn't enough content to restore it and would be custom content" and no one has taken up the challenge of making this a reality. This blog is an idea made by me on how a custom content Disciple Holocron mod should play out. Before I begin...

The Sith Lords Restoration Project Videos

Posted by N-DReW25, 19 October 2017 · 1,274 views

The Sith Lords Restoration Project Videos Welcome to my first blog. This blog will contain the video's I will be making of Gameplay from The Sith Lords Restoration Project or TSLRP. These videos will specifically be about the Content not seen in TSLRCM or is different in TSLRCM. 
For more information about TSLRP visit the following threads 
What TSLRP sought to restore- http://deadlystr...

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