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Leilukin's KotOR Mods Behind the Scenes: Programs

Posted by Leilukin, in Leilukin Mods KotOR 17 February 2017 · 1,130 views

Welcome to my first blog post on Deadly Stream! Starting with some behind-the-scenes information about my mods.


In this post, I’m making a list of programs I have used for making my KotOR mods, for my own reference and in case there are people who want to know.


  • KotOR Modding Tools I have used:


KotOR Tool by Fred Tetra
DeNCS KotOR Script Decompiler by JdNoa
DLGEditor by tk102
K-GFF GFF Editor by tk102
KotOR Scripting Tool by by Jamezy91
TSLPatcher by Stoffe


  • Other programs used for making my KotOR mods:


7-Zip - For compressing the files of my mod into an archive.


Adobe Photoshop CS5 - For editing graphics such as textures and inventory icons.


Audacity - For audio editing, including VO splicing.


HxD Hex Editor - For hex editing the audio files from the KotOR games to convert them into MP3 files that can be read by media players and media editing softwares, including Audacity. I don’t have Miles Sound Tools so I need to use this method to start editing the KotOR sound files. Credit to DrMcCoy from Steam since I follow the instructions of hex editing from this post.


Notepad - For writing ReadMe files.


WordPad - For writing the installer information used by TSLPatcher. Sometimes I also use WordPad to write ReadMe files if I want some text formatting in my ReadMe.


  • Other notes:


I use Bandicam (full version) to take screenshots and screen recording for my games. After doing screen recording, I use VideoPad Video Editor (Master's Edition) to edit the recordings to make preview videos for my mods.


I use MEGAsync to back up my mods and the source files to MEGA. I also work on my mods entirely on my MEGA folder so MEGASync can automatically back my files up to my MEGA storage without me having to manually upload the files.


My operating system is Windows 10 64-bit.