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Evidence of Juhani being a Lesbian from KotOR's Game Files

Posted by Leilukin, in LGBT KotOR 16 July 2017 · 1,856 views
KotOR, Juhani, LGBT
The fact that Juhani from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is a canon lesbian character is a fairly common knowledge among LGBT fans of Star Wars. However, occasionally I still see people who do not know that the first KotOR game has the very first confirmed gay character in any Star Wars media, including the old Star Wars EU; there are some other...

Leilukin's KotOR Mods Behind the Scenes: Programs

Posted by Leilukin, in Leilukin Mods KotOR 17 February 2017 · 1,103 views

Welcome to my first blog post on Deadly Stream! Starting with some behind-the-scenes information about my mods. In this post, I’m making a list of programs I have used for making my KotOR mods, for my own reference and in case there are people who want to know. 

KotOR Modding Tools I have used:
 KotOR Tool by Fred Tetra
DeNCS KotOR Scri...