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The Hidden Movie in KotOR II

Posted by CrashBandiTeam, 19 March 2017 · 2,342 views

Guys, i was looking in the Movies files, if there was something interresting (mainly because i searched for cutscenes, where the Visionary and Ravager was included). Now you can guess 20 times what it is, but no! I want to share it with you. The Movie is called "MalMov06.bik". But why talking, if i can show it you!


I like mine better - uploaded only 10 years ago.

If the Crash would be included "MalMovie6a" and the explosions "MalMovie6b"

The part of the video with the Ravager was only included on a limited edition version of the Prima Guide book that came with a DVD. (That's why there's text commentary beneath that part of the video.) I have that guide book and DVD but it's currently in storage.

what does the DVD include?

Know of the vid; TSLRCM adds it to the moviemenu after running with proper name.

Doesn't run in TSLRCM for obvious reasons though.

hmmm maybe you shall look, how other cutscenes get shot, maybe then it works :)

CrashBandiTeam, what exactly do mean by your last post? We may be having an issue of translation here.

As for the DVD, just Google "prima kotor dvd guide" and you can probably find a YouTube link.

@SH: I believe Crash is assuming Hassat doesn't play it in TSLRCM because of glitches/bugs or something.


@Crash: It doesn't get played in TSLRCM because it is currently not possible to get this result in-game, due to a lack of content or effort, or just a lack of sense within the current plot.