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[REQUEST] KotOR Structures

Posted by CrashBandiTeam, 24 February 2017 · 1,842 views

Could someone please rip me all structures of KotOR 1 & 2? I need them for a big project, the problem is: I don't know how to add on them roof's.
I Also accept Korriban's Dreshdae, Korriban's Towers (Where's One collapsed) and statues.
No i don't mean the whole levels , i just mean buildings like the Sandrals Estate or the Rakatan Temple.


Please help me. Thx.

What is this for?

School Project, they want me make something cool, like "Sci-Fi Alternate Histories, how could Sci-Fi Universes look like, if they had anything different than on the normal timeline"

Might we see the text of this project? Perhaps folks could even make suggestions.

Well, my project is off my Star Wars Mod i planning in the blogs:

this one: http://deadlystream..../#commentsStart

That's the text of your school project?
It is a mod idea, and only my school project, i chosen it alone. Others took Ocean or Our Sunsystem.