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Steira Shipyards

The Hidden Movie in KotOR II

Posted by CrashBandiTeam, 19 March 2017 · 2,342 views

Guys, i was looking in the Movies files, if there was something interresting (mainly because i searched for cutscenes, where the Visionary and Ravager was included). Now you can guess 20 times what it is, but no! I want to share it with you. The Movie is called "MalMov06.bik". But why talking, if i can show it you! 

[REQUEST] KotOR Structures

Posted by CrashBandiTeam, 24 February 2017 · 1,868 views

Could someone please rip me all structures of KotOR 1 & 2? I need them for a big project, the problem is: I don't know how to add on them roof's.
I Also accept Korriban's Dreshdae, Korriban's Towers (Where's One collapsed) and statues.
No i don't mean the whole levels , i just mean buildings like the Sandrals Estate or the Rakatan Temple. Please...

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Empire at War: Knights of the Old Republic Models avaible

Posted by CrashBandiTeam, 19 February 2017 · 1,225 views

Guys, i am working already 1 day on this project, and yet i'm not done with the Leviathan 
It looks this far so good! 
I also have a Screenshot of the Engines! 
Hardpoints for the beginning of a Interdictor! 
I will add...

[WIP] Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic: Malak Was Killed - Not Revan , A Fanon Community Mod

Posted by CrashBandiTeam, 12 February 2017 · 1,310 views
WIP, Community, DeadlyStream and 6 more...
Guys, i was thinking now 20 minutes about this, and i'm sure that i want make with you the mod,
you can submit suggestions, and i may take them, but they have to be realistic, not anything like "Revan Explodes anywhere in a Asteroid System, Because of nothing", I also need modellers for some new modules, map imager (making a minimap, idk how to call...

My First Let's Play Project

Posted by CrashBandiTeam, 11 February 2017 · 1,090 views
K1, KotOR, BOS:SR and 5 more...
My First Let's Play Project So, it's offical guys! I am gonna start my first Let's Play Projects: Star Wars: Knights of the old Republic and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords. On the Channel SteiraGaming, feel free to watch it, the game will be english, but i will be german xD lol sounds like i am a droid xD jk What will be included in KotOR 1?
-A Female...

[WIP] SteiraShipyards Presents: The Interdictor-Class Cruiser!

Posted by CrashBandiTeam, 09 February 2017 · 480 views
Interdictor Class-Cruiser and 9 more...
So, i am thinking about: Why am i not the first, who builds a correct version of this ship in Space Engineers? Why not? Try and fail it is called in my family, if you try something too hard for you! :D Development Pictures & Pictures for me to look if it is still Like the ship 
The Ship's Hull (Or Exterior , like some people say :D

The Bri...

[Steira Shipyards] Searching Comrades building with me Spaceships!

Posted by CrashBandiTeam, 02 February 2017 · 483 views
Space Engineers, Steira Shipyards
[Steira Shipyards] Searching Comrades building with me Spaceships! Steira Shipyards needs People, and you are maybe the right one! Following needs to be true:
- You Have Space Engineers
- You have ever built something (Size and Picture)
- You have some creativity to Design ships
- You have some play times (like 20 Hours) So, if you think , you have all things like it is, then i will hire you in the Shipyards!...

[Space Engineers] Custom Star Wars Ship Constructions: Citadel-Class Frigate

Posted by CrashBandiTeam, 31 January 2017 · 628 views
Star Wars, Space Engineers
[Space Engineers] Custom Star Wars Ship Constructions: Citadel-Class Frigate Yes... i am finally Sharing you a [WIP] Project of one of my favorite games (aside of all Star Wars Games and Steam games i have!)  Details:
Name: Citadel
Class: Frigate
Lenght: 322 Blocks (1 Block = 1 Meter i guess in Space Engineers)
Height: 512 Blocks
Width: 622 Blocks
Hangars: 1 (Offically 2, because both sides are connected to a United Hangar)