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A better story I think.....

Posted by GoldLeader, 08 December 2016 · 784 views

Episode I










Turmoil has engulfed the Galactic Republic. A growing insurrection, led by the mysterious Count Dooku and his legion of clones, has gripped the Outer Rim Territories.





In a stunning move, Count Dooku has boldly swept into the Mid Rim region of the Republic and lays siege to the peaceful world of Naboo.





While the Republic organizes its response, Minister Bail Organa has secretly dispatched Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi to rescue the royal family of Naboo...





​One of the biggest problems I had with the prequel trilogy other than the poor writing/dialog, the subpar acting, the over dependence on CGI, and of course Jar Jar Binks was that it didn't quite fit my vision of the story. I'm a first generation Star Wars fan. I stood in line back in 1977 to see the 'Star Wars' and waited patiently for the sequels. I collected the toys, listened to the LP/vinyl story narrations, read the comic books, and listened to the radio dramatization. There wasn't a lot of expanded universe stuff back then. The SW universe was solely the movies. I was reminded of this recently while watching the SW anthology on television. It got me to thinking on how as a kid I thought the story of Darth Vader and the Clone Wars began. This vision was based only on the various small portions of dialog uttered by characters throughout the original trilogy. So, I've begun writing a short story to reconcile my vision with that of George Lucas'. I'm going to let George do most of the heavy lifting. Many of the names, places, etc will remain the same. It's his world after all. I'm just going to reshape it a little to create a more consistent storyline.





​Some things that I plan on changing:

  • ​​​​​​​​Rearranging the movie title order. It will go Attack of Clones, The Phantom Menace, Revenge of the Sith
  • ​The clones are bad guys. As a kid, I always assumed the clones would be the enemy. I assumed the practice of cloning was outlawed within the Republic. Cloning may lend itself to a form of slavery or class structure which would be in conflict with a just republic. Also, I kind of saw the clones as unnatural and an affront to the Force.
  • ​The story will take place over a shorter period of time. Trying to stick to the accepted timeline, I am looking at my story taking place roughly between 22-19BBY
  • I see Anakin as a very different character. First, he will be older and more experienced when he first meets Obi-Wan. I'm basing this on two quotes: "He was the best star pilot in the galaxy, and a cunning warrior"- Obi Wan Ep4 and "When I first knew him, your father was already a great pilot, but I was amazed on how strongly the Force was with him."-Obi Wan Ep6. Plus, when Vader is unmasked in Jedi, he's an older man--well into his 50's possibly 60's. This would mean Anakin would have to be in his 30's when we first meet him and not some child who wins one pod race. He would have already left Tatooine on his own, and there would be no mommy issues. Also, his path to the dark side would have less to do with saving Padme but more along the lines of a reckless quest for power and glory. You might counter that the Jedi would never train someone that old. First, we didn't know that piece of information back in the day. Secondly, we know they are capable of training an older candidate---Luke. Thirdly, Obi Wan says "..I took it upon MYSELF to train him as a Jedi....I was wrong."-Ep6. Finally, I plan on creating a situation where the Jedi need to train Anakin.
  • ​Obi-Wan will be older as a result.
  • Bail Organa will have a more prominent role than the one portrayed by Jimmy Smits. In her hologram, Leia states, "...years ago you served my father during the Clone Wars". I'm going to bump ​Bail up to a position similar to a Secretary or Minister of Defense, specifically Minister of Peace. He's the official in charge of the military, and the Jedi work closely with him. Therefore, the Republic will have at least some form of a 'standing army' and fleet at their disposal. I always saw the unforms and weapons used later by the Rebellion as surplus items from this time. Eventually, the Empire would replace these forces with ​stormtroopers.
  • ​Padme. She'll be ​Anakin's love interest, but not really a motivating factor for his fall to the dark side.

​That gives you a taste of where I'm going. The writing is going well so far. It's not so much an actual short story, but reads more like a Wookieepedia entry. We'll see. It's always evolving.



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