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My Introduction. (Too long for a forum post, so I'm making it a blog post)

Posted by Pazuzu156, 30 September 2016 · 750 views

I'm not new here, I've been a member here for a little over a year now, and did a LOT of browsing before then.


I only made an account to send a PM to FairStrides about KSE, never knew I'd actually get involved in it's development. To make matters worse, I know NOTHING of modding KotOR and very, very little about Perl. Not one of my strongest languages, but I'm learning. I just...eh, it's such an ugly language. Makes me feel like I'm working with Objective-C again, and it gives me nightmares. "But Perl is like PHP" ha! I don't think so!


I'm a programmer, and I mainly work on websites and desktop software (in C# of course, cause THAT language is closer to PHP than Perl...)


As you can tell, not really good with introductions, so let's just list a bunch of junk and go from there, shall we?


I think it's best just to list out some of my work, idk why, but let's do it. Here's just some of what I've done (only a couple are SW related, sorry fellas)

  • Scara PHP MVC Framework (My current project I dedicate most of my time to)
  • MELauncher (A modding tool for Mass Effect)
  • Arena Game Save Backup Utility (Gamesave backup tool for TES: Arena) - I made it for me, and decided to publish it, idk why
  • KSE/KPF (I just do little things for KSE (Remember, I'm not good with Perl) and the current dev for KPF AND it's Linux counterpart)
I'm not really a modder, so being here for me is kinda weird, but then again, aren't we all? I'm a programmer, it's what I do best (even if my 6+ years of development haven't gotten very far, I didn't go to school for this) and I enjoy what I do.


Gotta remember, this is an introduction, so I just talk about me. If you don't care about my work (you're evil) I mean, it's cool ;)


I'm 23, almost 24. I started programming when I was quite young, learning QBASIC writing simple DOS programs. Then my uncle got me VB 6. I learned some VisualBasic and for some reason, a bit of Fortran too, though I don't really touch that language anymore. Too similar to Python, another language I can't stand......


After a while I sorta stopped for a couple years. Now, I'd 14 years old, and finally I can join MySpace (anyone remember that place?) I hated the design, it was crap. (What wasn't back then, we didn't have HTML5 and beautiful site designs. Everything was tables, nasty freaking tables! MS has the option to use custom themes. So, being the little programmer I am, I decided to learn HTML/CSS. I made some themes, and gave them out to people on MS theme websites. Then, I met a girl there shortly after joining. After a while we were serious, and I stopped programming again. (Jesus, I wish I never stopped, I'd be better than I am now.....oh well)


Years go by, it's 2010. Senior in HS (well, Junior, my dumb self (not really, more like lazy not caring self) failed because I didn't care and didn't do any work...I graduated on time btw, just required more effort..) and I get a web design class. I'd been trying to get this class since Freshman year, it was about damn time I got it too. By then though, I was in my "I don't care" stage and just didn't care. Then the first assignment comes, everyone in my class (with the exception of a couple) were computer illiterate, taking this class. I thought, "I'll half-ass it, make it look like I'm on their level." (Gotta remember, I didn't care. That meant for people too..) Turned out better than anything he's seen any student produce (I live in the south, people aren't very bright down here. Sorry, but it's true.)


Knowing I didn't care, he said "hey, you're good. If you wanna learn more or just do some website stuff, go for it. You don't have to do anything others are doing." Except tests and stuff, had to do those. So, I spent my semester learning PHP, even launched my first site that year. Built a couple websites for other teachers there, learning as I went along. Diving into other languages such as C#, C++, Java, and others.


Then I go to college for web design. Thought it was a good fit. I left 6 months in, the curriculum was garbage (for me at least, I had all this knowledge by then, wish I'd have stayed, I'd have a bachelors by now...oh well)


While I was there, I met this guy in one of my coding classes (didn't have to do anything there either, I showed the teacher my website, and was off the hook..) we decided, "hey, we're college kids, we know programming. Let's build this new awesome social network!" Safe to say it never happened, but it was an experience. I learned a LOT during that, even if my code then was an abomination to look at.


Last year, I made an account here. Never posted anything, just browsed. I needed KSE so I could edit my save in KotOR. Download it, KotOR has an update....WHAT???!??!!? KotOR2 is available on Linux, and now supports cloud saves. I look at KSE's source, submit a patch (which still doesn't work right btw..sorry, still working that one out) to FairStrides, and build an updater for KSE. It's abandoned now, but oh well. A year later, we're here in the now. I'm a KSE dev (well, as good as I can be for now, remember, I still suck at Perl) and the main developer for KPF, the path finding tool for KSE. I'm also responsible for building/testing the Linux ports for both. I may not be a modder, but my programming landed me here in the KotOR modding community.


Geeze, sorry that was soooo long. I'll post a TL;DR here..soo...



I may not be new here, but I thought it best to introduce myself. I'm not a modder by any means, but I am a programmer, and that has brought me here. Glad to be here, and hopefully one day I'll get to know a good bit of you guys!


- Pazuzu156

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I read all of it. Welcome to the community Pazuzu156!

Welcome to the forums - and now, the blogs as well!

Welcome to the forums - and now, the blogs as well!

Thanks for the warm welcome! :D