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"Happy" Birthday...

Posted by Fair Strides, 01 May 2017 · 1,954 views

The jury is decidely out on the "happy" part, but today is indeed my birthday. The grand 21 milestone, where most people would get drunk, do drugs, go to a strip club, or some combination of the three and more stuff.


I might drink, but won't try to get drunk, do not and have no intention of doing drugs, and I was walking past the strip club a day too early on the way to mini-golf with my brothers.


No, instead I was on the receiving end of a t-bone collision as a passenger at a very bad intersection up in the hills. I can definitely say a few things I learned:


1. A Honda Accord does not win against a Hummer.
2. A glancing blow from swerving is a hell of a lot better than a steamroll.
3. Seatbelts hurt my chest, but damn if they don't save my ass.


In short, I am okay. The Honda is totalled (the Hummer impacted on the driver's front fender), the Hummer has a buckled frame from aiming for and landing in the ditch when they tried to swerve to avoid us, and everybody is sore, but no broken bones and thankfully no fatalities.


I am not going to school tomorrow (but literally, that's only because the doctor recommended against it) and am spending the next few days not doing much of anything. So if anyone wants to chat on Skype or Discord, feel free; I'm not going anywhere. :)

I am glad you are safe.  Stay on the mend.  Life (and its continuance) is still a damn good birthday gift!

Sorry to hear about your accident! Glad you are alright! 

Having such an accident always sucks but on e day that's supposed to be happy like your birthday it's even worse. But I'm glad to hear you're alright and I wish you all the best for your birthday :)

Very glad to see your alright. This modding community, especially with the script side of it, would probably sink if your name landed right next to SithRevan's in the download thread of K1R 1.3!

Since we haven't heard anything about injuries is the past few days, I'm guessing everything is good on that front.  Any news on the insurance?

How are you Fair Strides? I feel awful for you about your accident and on a birthday no less. Please take care of yourself.

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