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A Question on my Stream

Posted by Fair Strides , 21 February 2017 · 1,461 views

Well it's been a little while, hasn't it? Mostly my fault, though. :) Been busy with school and working on the Toolset mostly, plus there's the usual fun with DnD every week.


I'm wanting to do another stream or two soon (I figure probably another US-and-then-EU session). I'm debating on continuing with the scripting because it's occurred to me that going anywhere from here requires and understanding of at the last the basic components of the game and the tools, so I might do a stream just on those subjects...


I'm also not going to be able to do a Saturday or Sunday stream due to the schedule. At the very least, I can probably do a session on a Thursday night (bear in mind, I'm PST UTC - 8) and then another on the following Friday morning.


What do you guys think? Should I go over the basics or keep going with the scripting? And what do you think about your schedules versus my availability? Also, if anyone ever wants to go into a particular aspect, they are always free to make the suggestion and I'll do my best to get around to it. :)

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I will once again advocate for some basics being shown. The more people with basic understanding the better. 

I like the idea of covering basics, but I feel like it could have issues. I very much agree with the statement that 'going anywhere from here requires an understanding...'. For me, where I've been trying to get to since the first stream is having my own 'testbed' module. Basically, a clean module that I can add whatever I need into without worrying about weird script conflicts, pre-existing items/scripts/waypoints/etc. I'm mostly there now (it took awhile because I modeled it from scratch).


The issue I see with covering basics is that there are a lot of basics to cover. Like, so many that it becomes really hard for people to take in all at once. I started to have that issue w/ the scripting streams, but I took good notes and have continued processing it over the weeks.


A couple weeks ago I watched HarIII's new module tutorial videos on youtube, which is a 15+ part series that covers a huge number of 'basics'. The thing I really like about it is that if you follow along with it you go from zero to a place where you can actively work on new things, and the info is easier to retain because you're always trying to do something specific and concrete vs. abstract.


So my personal request might be something like 'comprehensive basics' OR 'more scripting', but either way towards some concrete goals that leave people w/ a place to jump off from.


Schedule-wise, Thursday nights work for me, but I'm likely to make whatever time work. Thanks for doing these!

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I'd appreciate if you would explain how to get scripts to fire in the game. I've read a little about OnEnterarea scripts at Lucasforums, but I'd like to know more about that. 


I know you can get scripts to fire from dialogue, but how else can I get scripts to fire? 

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I think what jc2 suggested is really important. The way I learned to script is by looking up how something I want to do is done somewhere else in the game. But sometimes particularly this issue got in the way, because sometimes things seemed like they just happened, so I didn't know where to look for the script. I learned eventually, but for the newbie, this is definitely important to cover.


jc2, in short, scripts can be fired by:
1. events
2. dialogs
3. ExecuteScript()

4. some GUI events (the script is then listed in a .2da)


I think this exhausts the different ways it can be fired. Correct me if I missed something!


The first one needs a lot of comments, hopefully to be dealt with in the stream :)

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