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Republic Admiral uniforms

Posted by Kreia, 05 December 2016 · 958 views

remodeling reskin Carth Republic Admiral uniform

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Okay, so this is turning into the most difficult texture job I’ve ever done. I didn’t know it when I chose the model, all I looked for was a whole chest on the texture: can’t do a Republic Admiral double breasted uniform by mirroring the left half on the right half, like so many models do.


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A lot has happened to the franchise since 2003 when KotOR came out, we now have seen Old Republic Admirals in the comics, the books, but of course none of them are super consistent with what Admiral Dodonna looks like in the game. By the way, other Admiral titles have also been introduced, so differences in style may be attributed to that. Still, if I’m doing mods for KotOR games, I want Republic Admiral uniforms to to look like the one we have seen in the original game.


So back to the Military Suit that I’m trying to turn into a uniform. I easily turned the blaster holster into a utility pouch, raised the collar, loosened the sleeves a bit. On the texture side of things, I had to turn gloves into bare hands, get the whole suit to match the colors of the uniform, replace the belt. What turned out to be tricky is the decorative elements around the wrists and on the shoulder boards: on the texture for Admiral Dodonna, they look pretty straight and planar and easy to replicate, you can see that’s not the case on this model.


Now I still have to draw some stuff on the chest, it’s starting to look like a uniform however, hopefully the end result will be worth the trouble. In a way it’s already worth it because I’m learning to draw textures, which is cool. If the uniform doesn’t look any better than the one I did years ago, I’ll start over with another model. We’ll see.

I think he's gonna look just fine :D
It looks awesome.

And Saul Karath's uniform on the first picture looks very similar to Dodonna's one, and note it has been seven years in Star Wars between KotOR comics and KotOR, so they could change the uniformem, and the second picture comes from an atlas, and Star Wars atlases aren't the best source of information, which Wookieepedia does not understand. One of the atlases, the one with Ian McDiarmid's speech, mentions Darth Nihilus on every single opportunity and does not mention Darth Revan even once.

It is not necessarily a proof that you cannot trust in everything the atlases write, but I eman they're poorly written in some places, which doesn't mean they aren't good reminders when you need a piece of information, I mean it's always better to verify with other sources, which Wookieepedia doesn't not understand and makes a ton of retcons instead.

Hey Kreia, was this ever released/finished?

Nope :(

Hey Kreia, was this ever released/finished?

I LOVE THIS!!! This is the mod i deen waiting for years!!!

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