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From: Arren Kae Appearance

Posted by Kreia, 24 November 2016 · 550 views

The "intopray" animation is in the original Kreia model and all of its variants. Yes, there's more, the "forcewield" animations were clearly meant for her telekinetic lightsaber combat ability, which was limited to the Trayus Core bit in the released version of the game, and even there the animations are not used. Whether by choice or not, your guess is as good as mine. Originally, she was probably meant to use that ability throughout the whole game, I tend to count as evidence of that the fact that the animations are in all of her models, beside of course the presence in game files of the "Kinetic Combat" ability (feat 198.) It's not the only possible explanation for its presence, however, Kinetic Combat might also have been used to justify Kreia using double-bladed weapons even after losing a hand, before they decided to lock her left hand inventory slot.

Interesting, would you mind giving me a tutorial (send me a PM even if you like if you don't want this thread to be off-topic) on how to create/trigger the pray and lightsaber animations with Kreia? I use JC's toolbox for my films, but don't believe either animation is in it, thanks!

Source: Arren Kae Appearance


I use the Force, that is I use a Force power that runs the k_sp1_generic script, in which I temporarily put the code that will give me what I need for a scene. In this case I just needed that animation to play so I could make this video, so I went for the quick dirty solution: I hex-edited the model and temporarily changed the animation name from "intopray" to "activate", resulting in that animation playing instead of the activate (armband) animation, for which nwscript.nss does have a constant.

Thanks for the speedy reply, it sounds a bit beyond my knowledge in this area (especially the hex-editing part), and with uni deadlines at the moment coming up I won't really have the time (or energy) to really wrap my head around it. But, who knows in a couple of months.


Thanks for your help anyway, Kreia! The mod itself should come in handy as I mentioned for my films.

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