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Update on the Arren Kae mod

Posted by Kreia, 30 October 2016 · 674 views

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Finally satisfied with the look. What I did now is fix a few wayward vertexes that nobody thought were important because you couldn’t see them under that hood: eyebrows and other minor details. You might have noticed them during a Talk_Sad animation, on both Kreia’s original model and its Dark Side version. Must be one of those things they had no time to fix, because at least another model has the same problem: the Dark Side version of Atris, which was cut from the game. You can see the eyebrows are fixed, but there’s still a problem when you take off the hood, it’s a problem that Kreia’s original model has, the black one seems to come off nicely instead. Beside that, I think Master Kae is ready.

Damn. Thought I got something that would do the trick, but no. Curiously enough, I found out that the hood problem is also absent in the p_kreia1hbb model, so if I could somehow copy-and-paste the hood from one model to the other, I thought that would be perfect. But the geometry is different, so it didn't work. I'll try copying the hood data from the p_kreiaevilbb model this time, let's see what happens.

Cool graphic. Thought she was doing the dab for a second.

You know what, blast this, time to release this mod. I'll just remove the onhood offhood animations, she has no use for them anyway, her hood is up.

The hood animations could be useful, don't remove them. And how does the one-handed model look like?

Man, this looks great! Does she have a darkside version like Kreia did? Since she does replace her, and Kreia does betray you.Or does this only replace her while she is in your party and not the "Betrayer?"

I take it you guys thought this was going to replace Kreia. Actually that's not how it started, and if you ask me, that wouldn't make a lot of sense in that in the game you have Atton describing what Kreia's face looks like, and Arren Kae's robe in the Handmaiden's possession. But if you don't care about that, sure, let's have some fun with amputee Kae, and with young two-handed Darth Traya, who by the way would look fabulous in a reenactment of the scene "Kreia's fall". Ages ago I made a version of that video with a two-handed Traya, maybe it's time for mark II. All that will take some time though, I think for the moment I'll just release the Arren Kae appearance without the hood animations, so people can get it through KSE, play with it, and tell me what they think. There won't be a problem with hood animations on one-handed Kae, that model has different envelopes in the hood than the ones the two-handed model has, so you'll be able to use those animations without the hood sticking out of her throat.

Yeah, by the word "useful" I gently whispered to your ear, meaning "HD Kreia's Fall". And I'm a big canon-follower, but I can find a purpose for Arren Kae textures and models. However, it will take years to make my little-secret idea happen.

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