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Republic Admiral uniforms

Posted by Kreia, 05 December 2016 · 945 views
remodeling, reskin, Carth and 3 more...
Okay, so this is turning into the most difficult texture job I’ve ever done. I didn’t know it when I chose the model, all I looked for was a whole chest on the texture: can’t do a Republic Admiral double breasted uniform by mirroring the left half on the right...

From: Arren Kae Appearance

Posted by Kreia, 24 November 2016 · 515 views

Source: Arren Kae Appearance  
I use the Force, that is I use a Force power that runs the k_sp1_generic script, in which I temporarily put the code that will give me what I need for a scene. In this case I just needed that animation to play so I could make this video, so I went for the quick dirty solution: I hex-edited the model and temporarily chan...

Update on the Arren Kae mod

Posted by Kreia, 30 October 2016 · 615 views
Arren Kae, Darth Traya, Kreia and 5 more...
Finally satisfied with the look. What I did now is fix a few wayward vertexes that nobody thought were important because you couldn’t see them under that hood: eyebrows and other minor details. You might have noticed them during a Talk_Sad animation, on both...

Upcoming Arren Kae mod

Posted by Kreia, 15 October 2016 · 605 views
Arren Kae, reskin, remodeling and 3 more...
So I made this rendering of Arren Kae, and from that came the idea of doing a version of the model that you could actually use inside the game. Now as I happen to...

Rendering of Arren Kae

Posted by Kreia, 11 September 2016 · 485 views
Arren Kae, Kreia, Brianna and 3 more...
”As I followed Atris, perhaps what I wished to follow was the call of my bloodline, of my mother.”
— The Handmaiden

Wrist-mounted flamethrower

Posted by Kreia, 16 August 2016 · 460 views
Mandalore, flamethrower and 3 more...
http://66.media.tumb...aw2i8o1_400.gif  I’m trying a few new things, ‘new’ as in things I haven’t tried before, because let’s be real, giving Mandalore a flamethrower, somebody must have come up with...

Old thread follow-up

Posted by Kreia, 11 August 2016 · 378 views
walkmesh, animations, Peragus and 2 more...
How do you go about overriding area walkmesh files  
One day I decided Atton really ought to take a seat, specifically on the Administration Level as he operates the console. Normally he would stand, and a convenient camera angle would make it look like his hands were on the console. Why do that when everything looks like he's meant to seat down, the...

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