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April Fools Modding

Posted by jc2, 08 January 2018 · 190 views

JC2 AprilFools Modding

It's a new year....


And April Fools is coming around, so why not start working on an April Fools mod?


Here goes:


A Republic scout walks up to the bartender on Taris after escaping the Sith, and orders a juma juice (that should be a mod, get drunk at the pub, drink the galaxy away!).


He turns to the nearest NPC and clicks away, only to be greeted by a Mandalorian, who quickly remarks, "Ever been hit so hard on the head you lost your memory?.. Didn't happen to me, I was just curious."


Further inquiries into his thoughts spurn more imaginative discussion. ..
"If I have sons, i won't let them become jedi, for obvious reasons. Can't have them die virgins."


This undercover scout can even discuss politics with the Mandalorian...
"I don't understand Sith footsoldiers, I'm off to work hon! Hope my boss doesn't force push me into a computer killing me for walking to my station!"


If I'll goes well, I'll have an interesting mod to release on April Fools. It's more of a joke and not a prank, though.



In other news, I'm still working on Lehon Mandalorian Expansion.
But I've got a working beta, and a working tslpatcher, I just need to run one more test to look for more bugs. This is not an exaggeration when I say, I've spent more hours working on LME than I have playing kotor and TSL combined.


Shanilia's expansion/dlc is still non-existent, but I did write a bit more about the characters and what they were doing.
I'm just not sure what kind of direction to take, yet I've learned a lot and could easily make side quests I just need good writing and scripting for actions scenes.
Though she will be referenced in LME, but it's a sly reference.


Save Hakra is still a WIP, scripting issues have caused delays and uprooted some of my interest in making the mod in the near future, but the spliced audio is there, and plenty of files/scripts are there. Going to have to learn how to get the lips to move with custom lips file? I remember getting a headache just reading the ReadMe for the modding tool.....

Revealing the April Fools joke before April Fools happens seems . . . foolish. It kind of ruins the joke.

Revealing the April Fools joke before April Fools happens seems . . . foolish. It kind of ruins the joke.

It's more of a joke mod than a fool you mod, so the nature is not to deceive but to entertain.


Otherwise, you'd have a very strong point.  

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