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Meet the Clan Leader!

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JC2 SneakPeak Burkyc Prudii

Journal Entry 51
Burk'yc Prudii
Two years and five months after Mandalore the Ultimate's demise at the hands of Revan.


This planet has become almost nostalgic. It reminds me of Dxun before the War, back when we trained Mando's in swamps, caves, and rivers.
On Dxun some beasts were intelligent, others brainless. Here looks like a Republic recruiting holovid of the "outer rim."
Looks can be deceiving, though.
Herds of wild Rancor, sea serpents, and savage natives that eat the flesh of their enemies, are a constant threat.
My people are broken, shattered like the planet we died at, Malachor 5.


Were it not for the constant battle refining us and giving us immediate purpose. . .


I cannot even imagine.


At times, it is overwhelming, no Mandalore. No leadership. No mission. No glory. No conquest. Nothing but the void, to satisfy a warrior's need.
I can't allow myself to focus on the past. For it was the past, that brought me to this island. A lust for revenge, at any cost, I thought.
What a fool I was.


Revan... Malak.... The Republic....


The only thing that matters now, is getting my people off this forsaken rock!


Entry 110:
Two years and seven months after Mandalore the Ultimate's demise at the hands of Revan.


A Jedi has been spotted on the island.
Perhaps, it's time to let go of the past and focus on the future, if I can get the Jedi to work for me, then we can get off this planet. I can't imagine the Jedi's come here to do anything but fight the Sith and leave, which is exactly what I need the jedi to do.


I've sent men to intercept the Jedi before the Jedi attempts to enter the Temple.


Clan Leader of Clan Farr
Burk'yc Prudii

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