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Save Mission/Enslave Zaalbar Mod

Posted by jc2, 20 February 2017 · 1,130 views

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I'm so hyped about modding!
I've been learning, and smashing my head against the keyboard for three days straight. Hardly even eating... wow...
Stayed up to five a.m. two of those days...


Anyways, just wanted to let the community know how thankful I am.


Deadlystream is an amazing place, most people are kind/helpful. The rest I haven't seem to run into yet..... there might be one out there idk. ^^


To anyone who reads this...



Shanilia Grey Jedi Merchant mod still does not have a release date
But an early estimate puts the release date somewhere around March 10th, most likely before that.
If you would like to beta test that, please message me or leave a comment.
I'll need/want someone to beta test eventually, not yet though.


Note to self: put on WIP thread about beta tester....


Further note to self: Don't give up!


Moving back to you, it doesn't matter how old my mods get.
Please post feedback on the reviews!


Save Mission was an idea Darth'a'Barbar had, though I edited it and came up with all the dialogue choices. He deserves credit for the idea!
Enslave Zaalbar was inspired by my procrastination (and Save Mission) to tackle this massive dlg file that I will have to create mabye a dozen scripts for and learn how to make the VOs have lips moving. Thankfully, bead-v wrote me a tutorial.


Yebb Yebbb Dddbbddd - That's all folks!

Nearly 1 year later, I found out that this mod didn't allow the PC to retain Zaalbar as a companion, instead he would just stand there. He'd be taken from the party and wouldn't act like a practical companion. 



Note to self, fully test mods when applicable... I mean so upsetting to think I didn't bother to look if he was still showing up on the UI as a companion... 


Mistakes are fun. I guess I've been modding for a year now.

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